Core Earth

An attempt by American expatriates living in Mexico to seize the city of Matamoras has been put down by the Mexican government. Mexican Army and Federal Police have crushed an attempted uprising and have placed all refugee camps under direct control of the Federal Police. President Quartermaine has condemned these acts and has threatened an embargo of Mexico over the swift trial and execution of the suspected coup leaders, as well as reports of squalid conditions and abuses in the camps. Military forces on both sides have been placed on highest alert following the incident.

The growing actions of drug cartels and restive American and European refugees have created a state of crisis in Panama. Conditions of crime approach the levels plaguing Tokyo, Seoul, and Hong Kong. President Chamorra has declared a state of emergency and empowered the National Police and Panamanian Defense Force wide powers to crack down on crime and dissidents.

In a surprise move the government of the United States of Mexico has declared war on the United States of America. Citing the chronic refugee problem, and the resulting social chaos, as well as recovery of the territories seized by the US during the Mexican-American War as reasons, the Mexican Army has managed to seize El Paso, San Diego, and have driven as far north as Tucson. Attacks on Brownsville and San Antonio were repulsed by US Army and Texan National Guard units. Units of the California National Guard have fallen back towards the ruins of Los Angeles. The Arizona National Guard has been virtually annihilated at the Battle of Tucson, while New Mexico National Guard units have abandoned Albuquerque and begun regrouping near the Colorado border. President Quartermaine has announced that vital US army forces will be withdrawn from Korea and Japan and used to stabilize the Mexican front.

A surprise attack by Z Force, under the command of Vice-Admiral Prince Alexander Mountbatten, Duke of Lancaster, has cleared out the Libyan occupiers of Morocco. Colonel Qaddaffi’s attempt to exploit the chaos caused by the Cyber-Papal invasion of Spain has backfired, with almost all invading Libyan forces either destroyed or thrown back to Algeria. In response, Pharaoh Mobius has seized Qaddaffi and the Libyan state and annexed it into the Nile Empire.

The United Nations Security Council has formally condemned the United States for its actions in Mexico, as well as its suspension of civil rights among its citizens. President Quartermaine has denounced the resolution as an unprecedented and unwarranted intrusion into national politics. In related news, the Republic of India has been seated on the Security Council as a permanent member.

In a surprise move, armed forces of the government of Mexico has occupied areas of El Salvador and Honduras, following the collapse of both governments in the wake of violence started by desperate drug cartels seeking new markets to replace their shattered American markets.

The city of San Francisco is encountering difficulty in its rebuilding program due to resistance from both local activists and the eco-terrorist group Green Dawn, which has launched attacks on a series of drilling platforms owned by Kanawa Petroleum. Kanawa Petroleum has announced that it is stiffening security by bringing in a contingent of Kanawa Security troops to protect their investment.

The existence of survivors trapped in Los Angeles has been confirmed by the Quartermaine Administration following an investigation headed by Senator Katherine Bradley of California. A recovered CNN tape also shows the indiscriminate attacking of fleeing civilians by unmarked military helicopters to prevent columns of refugees from blocking off the disastrous Los Angeles offensive launched by Lieutenant General Perkins, the military governor of California. The Quartermaine Administration has denied all knowledge of these actions, claiming that the attack occurred during the crisis following the assassination of President Wells. Following the astounding revelations of attacks on American citizens and the callous abandonment of survivors of Los Angeles, including evidence a massive military cover-up, General Perkins committed suicide. Lieutenant General Willard Keeler has been appointed as military governor of California following these events.

In an move that has caused outrage and protests across the country, President Quartermaine has announced the suspension of all national elections for the duration of the current emergency. Citing both the reptile alien invasion, as well as the war with Mexico, President Quartermaine vowed that he will not leave office until the nation is secured. Senator Warren of New York, head of the Common Ground Association has denounced this move as the first step towards dictatorship in America.

In a tragedy sure to have repercussion for months to come, the city of Pittsburgh, an isolated outpost of American strength in occupied territory, has fallen to the reptile invaders. Though US Army and Pennsylvania National Guard units had managed to repel repeated assaults on the bastion, a massive attack by reptile forces finally overwhelmed the defenders. A small stream of survivors who trickled into Philadelphia along the so-called Freedom Route, spoke of a desperate last ditch defense that ended with most American units fighting to the last, and of a great slaughter among the many refugees crowded into the city. Senator Hiram Greer, the only surviving legislator from Pennsylvania, has announced that he will press the Military Oversight Committee to investigate what he termed the decision of the Quartermaine Administration to condone abandonment of the city rather than continue to commit troops to its defense. A new defense line against the invaders has been formed near Richmond, Virginia.

In a surprise move Germany, the Soviet Union, the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of India, and Japan sponsored the admission of Mexico to the UN Security Council. President Quartermaine immediately denounced the move as anti-American, but the UN Council responded that Mexico’s new status as a regional power and economic powerhouse entitled the country to equal representation on the Council.

Arishikaga Arms has announced a multi-million dollar arms sale of advanced weapons and equipment to Mexico, while its rival, Hachiman Arms, announced a similar deal to the United States.

The Avalon Institute has confirmed Professor Hamilcar Jones’s controversial theory concerning the extra-dimensional nature of the invaders. Doctor Sharon Kingston announced that after intense examination of both direct evidence from the Victorian Empire and the Nile Empire, as well as detailed examinations of the reptile life forms as well as life forms from occupied Britain, that the Avalon Institute has confirmed that the invaders are from another dimension than our own. The Institute has performed tests that indicate that the quantum vibrations in test subjects, a pattern set by the Big Bang, is different in the invaders. In response to Professor Jones ‘s theory that the invasion is the result of a catastrophic failure of a US military test, Doctor Kingston responded that such technology was far ahead of current American abilities.

In move that shocked the nation, Governor Orrin Dodds of Utah has negotiated a separate cease fire with Mexico. Mexican military units have disengaged from the Utah border and Utah National Guard and State police units have withdrawn as well. President Quartermaine issued a statement directing the Governor to resume hostilities or be declared in rebellion, since negotiating with foreign powers is reserved entirely for the Federal government in the Constitution. Governor Dodds responded by declaring Utah a Free State, still part of the Union but exercising many Federal powers for the duration of the current state of emergency. Since most US Army units in the West have been destroyed in California, or are tied up putting down the Free American Army in the Pacific Northwest and Idaho, it is unclear whether or not the Federal government can bring Utah back into line any time soon.

President Quartermaine has announced that for the duration of the hostilities with Mexico, the US Border Patrol is being militarized and placed under the command of the Department of Federal Security. In related news, the Texas State Government has announced the militarization and expansion of the Texas Rangers, to be used for border security and intelligence work.

The Department of Federal Security has announced that it wants to question Air Force Lieutenant Catherine Sharpe in relation to reports of organized resistance communities in California. The Lieutenant was in charge of a helicopter squadron responsible for supplying the military units in California and testified before Congress concerning resistance communities abandoned by the US military in the occupied areas. The Lieutenant and her entire unit has gone missing following the defeat of US military forces in Southern California.

The Second Ranger Regiment, commanded by Colonel Jonas Hawke, has successfully repelled units of the Mexican Army in Nevada, stopping the Mexican drive on Los Vegas. The Pentagon announced that following the victory at Val Verde, the Army will begin operations to clear Mexican troops from Nevada within the month.

The 3rd Ranger Regiment, under Colonel Prescott Mitchell, has stopped Mexican forces advancing towards Los Angeles with a flanking attack near Orcita.

Living Land

Following the fall of Pittsburgh, the reptile invaders have advanced to Philadelphia and are now laying siege to that city. Reptile forces have also begun advancing into Tennessee and Kentucky, causing another stream of refugees from the occupied areas.

Reports of an organized resistance group in the occupied zones called the American Patriotic Army has been denounced by Secretary of Defense Young as another example of anti-government militias taking advantage of the invasion to press their agendas. Secretary Young did not comment on CNN reports of the APA engaging elements of the Free American Army, or on reports of the APA aiding US Army forces.

The Free American Army successfully destroyed a government convoy carrying supplies to the besieged city of Portland. Former US Army General Walter Donner, leader of the FAA, has declared Washington state and Oregon Free American States, independent of the United States. More ominously, FAA activities in British Colombia have been reported, much to the dismay of the Canadian government. The Quartermaine administration has announced a five million dollar reward for the capture of General Donner, dead or alive.

Nile Empire

The Imperial forces of the Nile Empire have blasted into Somalia following the collapse of that state into clan warfare. Mogadishu is in ruins, patrolled by Nile forces which are already encountering heavy resistance from the Somali clans.

The combined military forces of Uganda and Kenya which attempted a flanking attack into Nile territory were wiped out by a Nile battlegroup. On other fronts, the Nile Empire has overrun the Arabian Peninsula, giving it control of most of the world’s oil reserves. Resistance from the inhabitants, led by the charismatic Saudi Prince Khalid, has continued to harass Nile forces and prevented the Pharaoh’s consolidation of his new conquests. The sudden Nile thrust has been credited to the rebuilding of the vaunted Nile Empire airfleet of dirigible carriers, destroyed originally off of the besieged Free French colony of Djibouti, and by the deployment of a fifty-foot mechanical colossus shaped like the god Set that seemed impervious to gunfire and missile attack.

The governments of Zaire and Iraq have announced formal peace treaties with the Nile Empire, agreeing to ship vital supplies of food and minerals to fuel the Nile war machine. Colonel Qaddaffi was also restored by the Pharaoh and given the disputed territory of Algeria in return for complete access for Nile troops operating in northern Africa. The UN Security Council denounced these actions, but it is unknown how they can afford to do anything about them.

The massive construction project at Giza has been revealed as the largest pyramid ever constructed. This construction project is apparently in conjunction with a massive restoration project of ancient Egyptian tombs, monuments, and temples by the Imperial government.

In the Free City of Cairo members of the prestigious Empire Club, including the Manhunter, Doctor Steele, the Rocket Ranger, the Regulator, and Doctor Arcane have defeated Pharaoh Mobius’s elite group of villains called Pharaoh Force in a pitched battle. The defeat has prevented the Pharaoh from consolidating his hold over the last remaining Free City in his Empire.

In a surprise move Pharaoh Mobius has claimed a place in the UN and a seat on the Security Council. The Pharaoh maintains that the Nile Empire is not an alien invader but a native response to the invasions of the Earth. The Pharaoh has a large amount of support in the Third World due to his anti-Western stance and it is believed possible that he may get his wish.


The leadership of the Dark Army has been confirmed as a group of nine former advisors of the deceased High Necromancer Angar Uthorion. The only individuals whose identities could be confirmed by the Light Army are Demothrax, Wizard Chancellor of Uthorion, and Lord Mordaine of the Blood Knights. These individuals are believed to be the driving force behind the Dark Army’s revitalization and counter-attacks in Britain and Scandinavia.

A large force of Blood Knights and orcs have defeated Light Army units under the command of Baron Liam de Bray in North Wales. The scattered remains of the Welsh army have been driven back towards Bristol to regroup, while the Blood Knights have begun construction of a new fortress in mid-Wales called Castle Blood. This victory allows Dark Army elements to begin operating in the Midlands of England again, as well as restoring communications with Dark Army elements occupying Northern Ireland.

Dark Army forces of goblins and orcs led by the Orcish Warlord Kuraahk the Reaver have annihilated the Northern Army of the Light Army, commanded by Baron Martyn de Quincy, and occupied the cities of Liverpool and Newcastle. This victory has secured the Dark Army lines of communications to North Wales and raised the possibility of another siege of Nottingham, the farthest Light Army outpost. In the fight the veteran company of adventurers called the Company of the Black Eagle were captured and executed, while afterwards the castle stronghold of the order of the Knights of the Gryphon was razed and all members put to the sword.

A massive raiding party of Vikings under Jarl Magnus Redblade has descended on the island of Iceland and captured it. By all reports they are now fortifying it and making it into a base of operations to raid the vital North Sea shipping routes.

The disastrous civil war between Dark Army elements of giants and dwarves in Ireland has led to the withdrawal of the weakened Dark Army elements to Northern Ireland. In the wake of their retreat, Irish communities seem to be re-organizing themselves along the lines of the ancient Irish kingdoms. This has been aided by the complete collapse of the Irish government at Cork. The only unifying force in Ireland has been the appearance of a young Irish warrior named Kieran Ogh Niall, who claims descent from the Irish line of O’Neil kings. His possession of the legendary Spear of Cu-Culhain has strengthened his claim to be Ar Righ, or High King of Ireland, but he has had problems dealing with the fractious Irish Kings and tribes whose only unifying factor is their hatred of the Dark Army.

Vikings forces have overrun all of Norway and Sweden, reducing the areas to the same status as the Dark Ages, small principalities ruled by Jarls, who war with each other as much as the rest of the world. However, when Jarl Magnus Redblade, their senior leader manages to convince them to fight as a unified force, the results have been terrifying. Only the fierce resistance of Finnish forces has slowed down their advance at all, buying time for Soviet troops to help stabilize the front.

An attempt by Dark Army elements, under the command of the sorcerer Kabrinus, to occupy Northern Scotland has been defeated by the Highland clans who have enjoyed a resurgence following the invasion of the British Isles. Kabrinus was apparently slain in battle by the fierce Scottish Laird Bran McLeod, who has established the line of resistance at Edinburgh, renamed by its ancient name Dunedin. This victory has temporarily halted Dark Army operations while the Dark Circle attempts to fight a war on several fronts.

Cyber Papacy

Following their successful drive into Spain, the forces of the Cyber Papacy have turned on Italy. Their high tech armies have outflanked the heavy fortified Rhine defenses and have overrun all of Northern Italy as far as Venice. Only heroic efforts by NATO forces stabilized the situation, holding the invaders out of Austria and the Italian boot. The aid of Free French forces, including the famous French Foreign Legion, and the French Overseas Intervention Force stationed with Z Force were crucial to stabilizing the situation. However, the wealthiest, most advanced part of Italy, has been lost to the invaders.

In a formal Cyber Papal Bull issued by Cyber Pope Jean Malraux, the Cyber Papal government condemned the United Nations as anti-Christian, claiming that the only true venue for world government is under the supervision of God’s Vicar on Earth, the Cyber Pope. He called on all Christians everywhere to resist the UN to the best of their abilities, promising paradise awaits all who fall in the cause. The UN issued no formal reply to the Bull. The Pope in Rome called upon all Catholics to resist the invaders, stating that the Cyber Pope is obviously a minion of the Anti-Christ and thus all who oppose him are doing the will of God. In response to the Pope’s call, thousands of volunteers world wide have begun flocking to Italy to enlist in the new Papal Army forming there.

Nippon Tech

The Kanawa Corporation has announced that it is beginning construction of branch towers in the cities of Taipei and Seoul, to better organize the new electronic economy that is transforming Asia. CEO Ryuchi Kanawa, in a rare public appearance, stated that the continued growth of the Asian economy despite the world war is the validation of capitalism and Asian cultural superiority. Following the speech, the Kanawa Corporation and its subsidiaries showed a 30 percent increase in stock prices on the Nisei Exchange.

The massive 200 story Kanawa Tower in Tokyo is now complete and occupied. The building is cutting edge technology and serves to anchor the company that is considered responsible for the Asian Economic Miracle. A group of protesters, fronted by the popular band Electric Ronin, was broken up and arrested by the Metropolice.

Attacks by rogue cyborgs continue to plague Tokyo, despite efforts by both the Metropolice and the elite Special Technology Police. In response, the ST Police have begun deploying light armored vehicles to supplement its forces.

Gang warfare among Yakuza clans in Tokyo have kindled into a full scale conflict, paralyzing the police and terrorizing the city. To combat this, the Rauru Bloc of businesses has established a private security firm called the Cyber Police to handle this crisis. Despite protests from the regular police and the Diet, these mercenary police are proving both successful and popular among Tokyo businesses.

Reports from the Tokyo news media indicate that a mysterious new protector has appeared. A lone yojimbo or bodyguard named Musashi, apparently after the famous samurai Miyamoto Musashi, has been offering his services to small businesses threatened by gang warfare or by aggressive competitors. Already a popular following is beginning to attach to him, much to the irritation of the police.

A new band of martial arts heroes called the Sons of the East Wind have appeared and begun defending the poor and helpless in Tokyo. Already the Sons have used their fighting prowess to overcome several tough Yakuza gangs in battles that have caught the media’s attention.

The government of the Royal Colony of Hong Kong has collapsed finally following the invasion of Britain and by the upsurge in violence in its streets. A Free City of Hong Kong has been proclaimed, run by a governing council composed of members of local government and businesses, as well as representatives from the Kanawa regional Development Fund and the People’s Republic of China. A private army of troops provided by Arishikaga Security and Kanawa Security are patrolling the streets, protecting the new hub of Asian trade. Initial Chinese attempts to seize the city were apparently foiled by a proposed withdrawal of credit and capital by the New Asian Consortium, the economic alliance of Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. The PRC was apparently then mollified by its inclusion in the new governing council of the city.

Tokyo Metropolice believe that the sudden death of Tetsuburo Gasakai, CEO of Kanawa Research Technologies, was the work of the mysterious assassin called Daremo. The police seem to be still unable to apprehend or even identify this individual, nor have they come up with an explanation as to why he is murdering Kanawa executives. All that can be confirmed is that Daremo is a master of disguise and seems to pattern himself after the ancient ninja.


In a sudden move, forces of the Victorian Empire have occupied the wrecked city of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Claiming to be responding to the collapse of inferior native governments of the area, the Victorians has established a new Royal Colony called Malagasy, under Royal Governor General Sir Winston Boothby. Resistance from the Malaysians has been sporadic and unorganized. The UN condemned this act of territorial aggression, and is considering an embargo of the Victorian colonies.

The Victorian government has secured its control of most of Singapore, despite a large area of monster haunted ruins still located outside the occupied area. This has been renamed the Royal Colony of Singapore under Royal Governor General Vice Admiral Lord Charles Haverston. The city is been turned into a naval base and fortress for the Victorian Royal Navy.

Sporadic reports from Sri Lanka indicate that the alien invasion may be spreading there. Reports of empty graveyards, walking dead, Rakshasha, and disappearing villages have all surfaced but have not been confirmed.


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