Following Warlord of the Stratosphere

Following Warlord of the Stratosphere

Core Earth

CNN has confirmed that an armed engagement has occurred between US Army units and Mexican Army units near the border in Southern California. The clash occurred when Mexican forces attempted to turn back American refugees with force. President Mendoza of Mexico has issued a statement warning of dire consequences if the US fails to contain the refugee problem.

The rebuilding of San Francisco by New World Investments continues, helping to restore the economy and infrastructure of this vital city. CEO Saito Kagomine of NWI has announced his company’s intentions to make the rebuilt city a beacon of modern technology and commerce.

The US government continues to deny reports that citizens remain trapped inside LA, despite a video tape recovered by CNN and by intermittent broadcasts by Radio Free LA. The government maintains that only rogue elements and criminal forces occupy the city.

Riots have broken out in the Canal Zone following the withdrawal of US military forces to bolster beleaguered US forces in America. The rioters are calling for the expulsion of all foreign forces from Panama and the immediate nationalization of the Canal Zone.

Following the riots in the Canal Zone, Trans World Development has brought in private security troops provided by the firm of Arishikaga Security Systems, a major arms developer and weapons manufacturer in Japan. These forces, at the request of President Chamorra of Panama, have joined with the Panamanian Defense Force in putting down these riots. President Chamorra has also announced a ten year contract with Arishikaga to provide armed security for the Canal following the US withdrawal.

World Peace Ministries, a non-denominational Christian ministry, has announced its formation. Operating out of Geneva, Switzerland, it’s goal is to provide medical and relief services world wide in the wake of the collapse of most UN agencies.

The trial of the Kremlin plotters ended with the sentencing of all five to death for treason against the Soviet Union. A general purge of the Soviet structure is underway, with thousands of reactionaries and radicals being deported. President Kamenin of Russia has been replaced following his expulsion from the Communist Party for anti-Soviet activities. Marshal Rykov has been confirmed by the Plenum Committee as Premier of the Soviet Union.

Nile Empire

There has been no official Nile Empire announcement concerning the destruction of their air fleet of off Djibouti. Reports indicate that the masked heroes the Manhunter and Doctor Steele were responsible for saving this fragile Free French colony from occupation.

Nippon Tech

The massive Kanawa Tower is now fifty percent complete. When finished it will be the largest structure in the world.

There has been no statement issued by Kanawa Security Services concerning the assassination of their Chief Director Fujisawa Katsuhito by the mysterious assassin known as Daremo.

Tetsuo Kushinada, former CEO of the Kanawa Development Fund, has been appointed CEO of Atzlan Mining, following his ouster as CEO of the KDF due to repeated failure to prevent attacks by the Green Dawn eco-terrorist group.

Following Warlord of the Stratosphere

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