Following High Lord of Earth

Following High Lord of Earth

Core Earth

An incident in Mexico City that was believed to be the prelude of another invasion has been resolved. The sudden cessation of all contact with Mexico City has ended and the Mexican government has reported it has re-secured the capital and can find no evidence of alien invaders. CNN reports of mysterious Aztec warriors and the apparent restoration of the fabled ruins of Tenochtitlan have been dismissed by the Mexican government. President Mendoza blames the incident entirely on the United States ‘s failure to contain the reptile aliens. He has sent a formal letter of protest to President Quartermaine concerning both the invasion and the on going refuge problem.

The United States government and the government of Panama have announced that with the chaos caused by the alien invasion that it is contracting Kumora Engineering Services, a subsidiary of Trans World Development, to take over running the Panama Canal. US military forces will continue to provide security for the Canal Zone.

Professor Hamilcar Jones, of the Stanford Research Institute has announced his theory that the world wide incursions are not an invasion by aliens, but rather the result of the catastrophic failure of a government project to breach the barriers between dimensions. The project, which he maintains he worked on, was supposedly located in southern California and was called the Daedelus Gate. The so-called aliens, Professor Jones states, are actually inhabitants of parallel dimensions attracted to earth by the failed experiment. The government has dismissed Professor Jones’s claims as baseless.

President Quartermaine has announced the formation of a new government department, the Department of Federal Security, under Director Ellen Connors. The new Department will be responsible for all domestic counter-terrorism, and for dealing with individuals whose ability to ignore the effects of the alien invaders make them vital for defense of the nation. Director Connors will also continue to head the so-called Delphi Council, the central coordination body for dealing with the alien invasion.

George Young, leader of the Legacy of the Confederacy Movement, has been appointed as Senator from Virginia by President Quartermaine to fill one of the two vacant Virginia Senator positions left open by the war. Protests by Senator Warren of the Grass Roots Association that residency records for Young were forged by the government to give this post to Young and thus buy off the Legacy movement has been hotly denied by both men.

Reports of an military disaster for elements of the US Army and Illinois National Guard attempting to break through to besieged Chicago have been reported by CNN. No conformation has been issued by the government.

Senator Young has announced the formation of the Southern Legacy Party out of his former Legacy of the Confederacy movement. The party’s platform includes states rights, regionalism, and reduction of the Federal government. In a follow up to this announcement, the state governments of Georgia and Alabama have announced that they will resume paying Federal taxes.

Reports from Oregon indicate that there has been an attack on US forces there by members of an anti-government militia calling itself the Free American Army. There has been no response from the government other that an acknowledgment of the attack.

Senator Katherine Bradley of California has been selected to head up the Senate Defense Committee following the surprise resignation of the former Chairman in a sex scandal with under-aged Asian prostitutes. Senator Bradley has promised a thorough review of the “ Mess the US military has made of the war effort. “

Both forces of the coup backed by Kremlin forces and pro-democracy forces of Russian President Kamenin have been crushed by Red Army troops under the command of Marshal Viktor Rykov. Marshal Rykov has imposed martial law throughout the Soviet Union and has formed an interim government composed of himself, General Vladimir Kuridin of the KGB, and Foreign Minister and Secretary-General of the Communist Party Anya Guderov. Kremlin watchers believe that this is a reaction by middle-aged progressives in the Soviet structure against both the reactionaries and the radicals. Calm reigns in Moscow despite the tensions still lurking in Soviet society.

Following High Lord of Earth

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