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Torg Perceptions


As a rule of thumb, characters starting a Torg campaign will be relatively clueless concerning the mechanics of cosm to cosm travel, cosm histories, the reasons behind the Possibility Wars and the invasion, the nature of the High Lords, as well as the fundamental structure of reality. Though this may change as the campaign develops, for the most part characters will be limited to what they know by experience and by the cosm of their creation. There is no secret guide to the Possibility Wars to educate them. Newly transcended characters know little. After the euphoria of transcendence burns away, they are only aware of a sense of the wrong-ness of the invading cosms, or of Core Earth if they are outsiders, and a resolute opposition to the invasion. As for their powers, they are only cognizant of the fact that they seem extremely lucky, and that the alien nature of other realms does not affect them.

In general terms, Storm Knights will find it difficult to deal with Ords when it comes to describing or explaining other realms. For Ords, when a cosm invades, the reality surge completely reformats them and their perceptions. Objects, histories, and in some cases even the existence of other realities becomes incomprehensible. This is subtly influenced by the nature of the cosm itself. An Ord from Aysle, for example, would not know what a toaster was at all, while a character from Nippon Tech would know but wonder why someone would still use such a primitive device when SempaiChan Instant Toast is available. As for the existence of other realities, in Pure Zones, Ords will tend to view other realms as aberrations at best or even ignore them at worst. Characters from other realities will be treated as freaks of nature and their powers as incomprehensible. Ords who are reformatted are so in tune with their new reality that all required information, including detailed histories of the new reality, an altered history of the Ord’s life that fits with the paradigm of the new reality, and an unshakable belief things have always been that way, are installed in them. Outsiders are instinctively feared and shunned as alien, though the Ord may not fully realize why. As in the former example, an Ord from Aysle would state that England has always been ruled by the nobility in the name of the monarch, that they had always lived and worked as their ancestors did in the Middle Ages, that magic and magical creatures have always abounded, and they would perceive outsiders as strange and wondrous magical beings, both powerful and frightening.

For Storm Knights things are different. As either an agent of the Creator or the Nameless One, the character is equipped to manipulate reality and perceives the universe in a different way. They maintain dim memories, echoes of former existences if reformatted. They perceive the other realities as invaders, but not as completely unknowable or uncomprehendable. Items from other realities may be studied, used, and even understood on a theoretical level. For example, a Core Earther reformatted to Aysle would see a toaster and have vague memories that it was important to him once, connected somehow with breakfast. With an effort of will, someone could explain to him the nature and use of a toaster and he could remember it, using the Reality skill. A Nippon Tech influenced character would have stronger memories of its function, and would dimly remember that he once had no access at all to Instant Toast and even, by an effort of will, remember that Instant Toast did not even exist at all. The reverse is also interesting, as a Core Earther exposed to Instant Toast could, by effort, see how Instant Toast could develop, and even figure out how to use it, but would always be unsure if he was doing it right. This is the best example of how the Everlaws keep watch on things, looking for patterns to develop in reality,, and ruthlessly squelching those that don’t belong.

As for memories and personal histories under the new paradigm, he will fit seamlessly in to the new reality but will be haunted at times by echoes of his previous existence, so that at times he may have dual memory shifts, rendering him unable to use his powers effectively. New alternate histories will seem normal, but confrontation with previous histories will also produce a feeling of deja vu. As for outsiders, they will be perceived as subtly wrong, not belonging but not unreal. A character may even make some sort of connection to a previous existence with others. As in the previous example, an Aysle formatted Storm Knight would, like Ords, recall that England has existed as it did in the Middle Ages, but he will also have memories of England having once been a very different land and any un-reformatted companions will be recognized but a sense of discontinuity about their presence will be felt.

Finally, Storm Knights in general have several inherent powers and flaws due to the natures of their abilities. Storm Knights never suffer from a fear of lightning or thunder, and do not flinch at either thunderclaps or lightning strikes. They have a fascination with storms and rainfall, and will study rain droplets for hours as the mood seizes them. Storm Knights also do not suffer from common colds or ailments, and nastier diseases tend to pass quickly unless influenced by a world law. Storm Knights can also sense the existence and use of Possibility Energy in other individuals in a limited radius. This is not as refined as a Ravagon’s Possibility Sense skill, being more of a vague feeling.

As for drawbacks, as representatives of other realities, a Storm Knight is an irritant to other paradigms. As a result of this irritation, other realities attempt to drain off his Possibility Energy to eventually reformat him to the new reality. A side effect of this is the change in weather patterns around a Storm Knight. It often rains fitfully in small areas or even storms. Natural life of the other cosm will be uneasy around the Storm Knight. Other Storm Knights from other cosms will find the touch of the character disconcerting, alien, and foreboding. The Storm Knight will feel ill at ease in other cosms, feeling that he is constantly being watched.

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Cosm Perceptions and Attitudes

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