Collected Clues

Clues from the Possibility Wars

From Transcendence: All characters have the same experience upon transcendence. A warm, glowing sensation surrounded them like the feel of a vast, warm ocean. A surge of energy passed through them, lifting them up and giving them the sensation of riding the air currents of some vast, powerful storm, a storm that condensed into the very essence of their being. A vast, benevolent presence was felt, watching over them and approving of them, reflecting in themselves the presence’s implacable opposition to the invaders. A calm clear female voice then spoke, words repeated by the players. “ I am the herald of the Storm. Its fury shall cleanse the earth. “ All throughout the process, the players were aware of a vast, penetrating noise, like an unimaginably huge heartbeat contained in the universe itself. Upon the speaking of the words, the process was complete and the players were now Storm Knights, able to manipulate reality at will.

From “ Before the Dawn “

Professor’s Notes: reveal that Pharaoh Mobius was dealing with someone called Baruk Kaah, who was leader, or Saar, of the Eidanos. Reveals that the two are in league, with others, to conquer Earth.

Gibberfat’s Conversation: the demon’s chit-chat revealed that the ruler of the Indonesian realm of Orrosh was called the Gaunt Man, a being of great power and fear. He had been placed by the Gaunt Man to guard the rotation engine from intruders. He also noted that the Gaunt Man was the leader of the invasion of Earth.

From “ The Tieresias Contract “

Ogre Captain’s Orders: This indicates that the forces of the Dark Army of Aylse are lead by one Thorfinn Bjanni, a Viking Jarl and the Chief Lieutenant of one Angar Uthorion, the High Lord of Aysle. The Ogre Captain’s orders are to cause a diversion to allow Synden Lightfoot, the Mage-thief, and Vandar Deathrune, the wizard, to lead their team of thieves into the British Museum to steal the journal of Baron Richemonte, the occultist, and bring it to Bjanni. The journal is apparently vital to recovering something called the Nameless Codex.

From the Journal of Baron de Richemonte: “ …and then the captured spirit spoke to me of a mighty tome of magic, the Nameless Codex. From the vast darkness beyond did it come to our world, to fall in the hands of the mighty empire builders of dread Atlantis and Lemuria. It is bound to no place or time save that which itself chooses, and thus is impossible to possess or enchain, for it exists in all places at all times. It knows no master save itself, though its power may be shared by one who is master of his own destiny. Within its ancient pages, inscribed in mystical runes that reveal themselves only to those who understand its power, are the keys to the fundamental nature of reality. With this tome in hand, one can cause reality to submit to one’s will, as the slave submits to the master. All power would thus descend upon the user of the Codex.

Thus was I now determined to possess the Codex, from the dead hands of the wizard who used it last, whose tomb was lost to the memory of man since the days of the First Age of Man, whose power was ancient when mighty Egypt was yet undreamt of. The enslaved spirit whispered to me that the Codex had rested for a time in Irem, the fabled City of Pillars, in the possession of the King of Seven Towers, and had been rescued from the city when the forces from Outside marched against Irem and buried her majesty beneath the burning sands of death. Traces of the Codex’s stay would permeate the very stones of Irem, aiding my sorcery in determining the concealed tomb of the Unnamed Wizard.

I did not lose hope at the thought of finding Irem, lost since the days following the Great Cataclysm that drank of glittering Atlantis, for I had heard rumors during my travels that a group of Saracen explorers had discovered Irem beneath the desolate sands of the Empty Quarter of Arabi. Few had survived the nightmarish guardians of the Accursed City, having fled from the featureless black temple of Cthaan, Deity of Irem, when their pillaging of the temple’s treasures awoke a Fearsome Guardian from its dark sleep of eons to devour them hideously.

Of this fate I had no fear, for my sorcery was mighty, steeped in the lost arts of the races before man, and what I desired would be found in the Palace of the Seven Towers, whose dark corridors I had glimpsed in dreams through the Mirror of Shadows. I desired to question the explorers, but when they had returned to Egypt, the Mameluke Sultan, when he had learned of their deeds, had turned pale beneath his swarthy beard and had the explorers executed. He then ordered his Vizier to have the records of the expedition destroyed, so that the mind-damning horrors of Lost Irem would remain asleep, never to be re-awakened by man.

The spirit spoke unto me, however, that the Vizier, a heathen sorcerer of no mean abilities, concealed the copies of the records, hoping himself to obtain the Codex. He fell victim to a mind-destroying illness, and was buried in the Mausoleum of Sultans, to attend upon his master in the next life, with his worldly possessions. It is there, to the Mausoleum that I must go, to retrieve the records, before I can locate Irem, where I may learn from the Mirror of Dark Secrets where the survivors of Irem had fled, so that I and I alone may posses the Codex and become Lord of All Reality.

Cryptic Warning Delivered by a strange old man: “ The Codex’s powers are far greater, and more dangerous, than anyone understands, including your enemies. Your best chances of winning are by losing, and that which seems most powerful is in fact the path to destruction. Beware the Gray Man, for he serves the same master that your enemies serve, and he awaits you in the shadows of the land of the Pharaohs. “

Mobius’s Speech at the Missile Base: “ So, you finally managed to find your way to this place. I had been considering sending my troops to take you here by force, since you have managed to bungle every clue I have provided for you and blundered around my empire like a mad elephant seeking this pathetic sword. Rest assured after your death it shall be used to ensure that zealot Malraux’s defeat, and I shall seize from his minions the map to Irem, enabling me to locate the Nameless Codex, which I shall combine with my own Darkness Device to become invincible. This is some small comfort I shall offer you while you spend eternity on the Omegakron. Before you are brought low, however, you shall witness my grandest creation, which shall herald the death knell of this world and make me Torg, supreme in this and all other realities!

This rocket contains the most powerful reality bomb ever devised, the product of my supreme intellect. It will blanket the entire northern Arabian peninsula from Israel to Mecca, inundating it with my reality. Behind this massive storm front, my personal battlegroup will spearhead an assault of six entire battle groups, which even now is marshaling here at this base. They will attack and crush the feeble resistance to my destiny, paving my way to become Torg. I wished you to behold this creation so you would know the extent of your own folly and helplessness before my might. Who among you could comprehend the cunning of my genius or dare to oppose it ? Not that vile reptile Baruk Kaah, that incompetent charlatan Uthorion, the ignorant zealot Malraux, the greedy merchant Kanawa, the mindless brute Kranod, nor even the Gaunt Man himself. That pathetic imbecile Tieresias, who provides you with a modicum of guidance from his puny intellect, cannot even begin to comprehend my staggering intellect, so the hope he offers you is a forlorn one. His pathetic attempts to mobilize this world against us is merely an amusing diversion and doomed to failure. Do not hope to escape, my most elite guards are placed around this facility. You shall face another form of entertainment that I have planned for you, to teach you the folly of opposing the Divine Son of Ra before your souls are sacrificed to the Omegakron and the glory of Sebek. This shall be a engagement worthy of your vain, futile characters. Behold, the Ra Warriors ! “

Malraux’s Speech: “ Welcome, my errant children. Do enter. You have been most misguided in your actions by opposing the Will of God, who has proclaimed the dominance of our Holy Mother the Church over all reality. By trying to keep the location of the Nameless Codex from me, you have allowed fiends and heathens such as that madman Mobius, the godless Kanawa, the pagan Baruk Kaah, the warlock Uthorion, the demon-spawn Kranod, and most importantly, the Son of Lucifer himself, the Gaunt Man, to consolidate their hold on this world. When I recover the Codex, I shall wrest its power from darkness to serve God and like a new Messiah, I shall bring peace and order to this world. You cannot oppose the Holy Will without endangering your immortal souls by siding with the enemies of the One True God. So lay aside your childish weapons, repent of your sinfulness, and accept your judgment. It shall be hard, but fair, and after your penitence, you shall serve me, God’s Vicar on Earth. “

“ You base heretics, deniers of the Will of Heaven ! You actions show you to be the perfidious minions of the Anti-Christ. Behold, not only have you achieved your deaths but the eternal damnation of Hell is your lot as well. Taste well then of the cup of God’s wrath. Thus perish the enemies of God ! “

Mr. Lin’s Letter: The Chinese sorcerer’s letter reveals that the Gaunt Man is absent and his area is being run by something called Thratchen, his Regent. It also indicates that this Thratchen is also interested in the location of the Nameless Codex and has dispatched forces to acquire the log of the Elizabeth Deering from the party.

The Vampire’s Conversation: The Vampire Lord Simon chatted amiably with the party before he attempted to kill them. He indicated that he and his fellow Victorians were from another dimension, and that the various supernatural horrors ruled the Victorians.

Kanawa’s Speech: “ Enter. I have little time to devote to you. My proposition is a simple one. Return the log book and turn over all information you have concerning the Nameless Codex. In compensation you will receive a pardon for your anti-capitalist activities and a reward of 5 billion nuyen each. If you turn down this offer, I will have my operatives destroy you. If you entertain any foolish hopes of overcoming me, may I remind you that you are completely outclassed by my forces. None of my unworthy rivals can aid you. Be reasonable and you may live lives of wealth and luxury. Be unreasonable and I shall destroy you.”

So be it. My offer is closed. Eliminate them.

The Log of the Elizabeth Deering: “ The infernal golden plates we looted from the Lost City of Irem have brought us nothing but ill luck. Already among the crew a superstitious dread is growing. The string of accidental deaths are being attributed to the plates and already I have had to execute two crewmen for plotting to throw them overboard. I only hope we can reach port before disaster strikes, for though the plates are valuable, they indicate that an even greater treasure has been buried among the heathen peoples in the northern deserts beyond the Spanish Viceroyalty of New Granada. “

Baruk Kaah’s Speech: “ Miserable corpses, you do not comprehend what you are doing. Your devotion to death and your dead possessions have blinded you to the glories of life and life’s goddess. You have also let the great enemies, Uthorion, Malraux, Kanawa, Mobius, and the Gaunt Man all attempt to acquire the Nameless Codex to further their own life-destroying schemes. If you cannot accept the gift we offer you, if you cannot accept life, then you must accept death ! ”

Uthorion’s Speech: “ You seemed surprised at my appearance. You fools forget that I am an arch mage as well as a necromancer. Since my days serving as the Gaunt Man’s chief lieutenant have I been able to take whatever body appealed to me, transferring my soul energy from vessel to vessel as easily as you walk from one room to the next. How think you I ruled Aylse? I sacrificed my old decayed form and seized Ardinay’s body, convincing all her foolish followers that I was indeed their beloved ruler. Thus when that accursed bitch Tolwyn of Tancred and her accomplices assaulted me when I was crossing over to this miserable world it was an easy thing to cast off her shell and assume this rude form of the Viking Bjanni, one of my henchmen. If this body should be threatened likewise, I can merely seize another. You fools can never hope to defeat me. Now, with this Nameless Codex, a living fragment of the Dark Master itself, the Nameless One, I can augment my power and retrieve my Dark Crown, Drakakanus. Together with these two sources of power, I will become master of this reality, I will surpass all my rivals, even my former master the Gaunt Man himself. Behold, the final ascension of Angar Uthorion !”

The Nameless Codex: A dark, foreboding book seemingly made out of some shifting dark substance that seems almost alive. The book radiates a cold, malevolent intelligence and seems to possibility rated individuals to belong to no known cosm. When Uthorion attempted to invoke the power of the dark runes within, a distinct, cold voice said “ You are unworthy. You still cling to life.” A dark vortex of energy, jet black, which absorbed possibility points, then swirled out and sucked Uthorion in, culminating in a vast implosion that apparently destroyed both Aylse ‘s High Lord and the Nameless Codex. When the implosion occurred, the players felt a dark presence similar, yet opposite from the presence they felt when the transcended.

From High Lord of Earth

The mural from the Temple of the Dark Lord in Tikal: The mural shows Mayan sacrifices being made to some form of dark idol in the form of a Mesoamerican god. Significantly its shows red and blue rays of energy, the same color and form of possibility energy, being drained from the sacrifices to the idol.

Report from the Avalon Institute: The Avalon Institute is a top government think tank investigating the alien invasion. It is also responsible for administering the Excalibur Test, a test designed to reveal whether or not an individual is immune to the effects of other realms. The institute reported evidence of alien artifacts at the site of the ancient Mayan city of Palinque. The recovered artifacts revealed that the ancient Mayans had received some sort of warning concerning the alien invasion from some older race. The fact that the Mayan calendar coincided with the alien invasion indicates some sort of alien manipulation of ancient human races. All the recovered artifacts were confiscated by the Institute for study.

Kurst’s Warning: The large, taciturn shape-shifter Kurst revealed some interesting clues. He and Toven are from an another dimension, one that was destroyed by the Gaunt Man. He confirmed the names of each of the leaders of the invasion, calling them High Lords, and the names of the devices that allowed them to manipulate reality, called Darkness Devices. He also informed the players that the Gaunt Man was trapped in a reality storm of incredible power caused by an artifact called the Heart of Coyote, though this state of affairs would not last. He warned the players that while the Gaunt Man was dormant, the players had a window of opportunity to exploit the other High Lords hatred of one another.

The visions from Huitzipopatl, the Dark God: When approaching the Dark God, it projected a series of images into the minds of the players that obviously reflected the nature of the invaders. A huge Eidanos reptile man, painted and tattooed, on the back of a giant triceratops, leading an army of Eidanos and dinosaurs, against the background of a huge, dead black cycad tree. A tall, scarred man in black and red robes on the back of a huge black dragon, leading an army of medieval warriors and fantasy creatures, while wearing on his head a dead black crown of iron. A man dressed in the gold and white robes of a pope, equipped with obvious cyber ware, preaching before a vast army of Cyber equipped soldiers, priests, and nuns, while standing before a dead black crucifix. A tall, muscular man dressed in the rainments of the ancient pharaohs, his face concealed by a deep hood and cape emblazoned with the infinity symbol overlaid on an ankh, reviewing an army of world war two era troops, tanks, and planes, while standing in front of a dead black statue of a crocodile headed man. A small, scar faced Asian man, wearing dark glasses, sitting in a board room in front of many male and female executives, in front of a huge video screen which displays huge sums of wealth transferring back and forth, while he reviews a dead black lap top computer. A tall, thin man dressed in Puritan clothing who radiates pure evil, sitting in state on a throne of bone before a horde of supernatural creatures, while contemplating a dead black heart of thorns. A huge gray demon, fused with cyber ware, underneath a huge flying swarm of others of its kind, wielding a dead black staff.

Other images then flashed by more quickly, A brain in a dead black sphere in some vast building in front of silent priests. A gray, silent man on a black throne in front of a black mirror. A mutated reptilian-human and a huge black hand with a maw in its palm. A man in a futuristic business suit and a black sapphire diadem. A man dressed like an nineteenth century judge with a black book. A huge computer in some empty hall and a black control panel. A skeleton in front of a black crystal. The dizzying vision finally ended in a view of a shadowy figure in front of a dark flame that exploded into countless shards.

Following this display, the Dark Idol tempted the players with promises of immortality and power should they ally with it, since its former ally, the serial killer Malcolm Kane, had been slain by the players. All they had to do was agree to serve its creator, the Nameless One, and scourge the multiverse for possibility energy. In return, it would help them defeat the invaders and keep others from invading. Only one player, the Core Earth Occultist Christopher James, agreed, but was swiftly defeated by his fellows. The Dark Idol was then disposed of down its Maelstrom Bridge to wherever it had come from.

Huitzipopatl, The Dark Idol: Formed in the shape of the ancient Aztec war god, the Dark Idol confirmed that it allowed whoever bonded with it to control reality, travel from dimension to dimension, and achieve eternal life. All it would require was a steady supply of possibility energy harvested from human sacrifices to fuel itself. It confirmed that once it allowed its former master to rule over its home cosm of Kantovia but it was beaten by the Gaunt Man and Hekkaten and forced to flee to Core Earth.

From Ghost of Sherwood

Anne Caldwelll’s Paintings: Anne Caldwell, the Core Earth artist in Nottingham, England, painted some interesting paintings. One showed an Iron Crown, obviously Drakakanus, and several faces surrounding it: A stern woman with black hair, a Dark Elf, a human, and a man with scars and tattoos. The second showed the Gaunt Man, trapped in a swirling mass of Possibility energy. The third showed a series of interlocked planet Earths, surrounded by images of Baruk Kaah, Pharaoh Mobius, Jean Malraux, Ryuchi Kanawa, and the Gaunt Man. The fourth showed a sword, held aloft by a woman’s hand from a still lake. The fifth showed a vast city with architectural styles from different ancient Core Earth civilizations. The sixth showed the Hindi god Shiva wielding a black sword. The rest pertained to the Horn of Robin Hood and the adventure.

From The Destiny Map:

The Old Man’s Warning: The greatest weapon you can use against your enemy is hope. As long as you don’t give you don’t give up hope, you will always have the power to overcome anything your enemies throw at you. It is the one thing even the mighty Gaunt Man fears most.

The Destiny Map: The Destiny Map itself seemed to be an artifact from another cosm. It indicated some sort of ancient, pre-human city located in the Himalayan mountains. The image of the city corresponded with Anne Caldwell’s painting of the alien city.

From The Possibility Chalice

The Priest of Hanuman’s Vision: The elderly priest of Hanuman the Monkey God reported a vision from his god which showed the players arrayed against a vast black wall that absorbed the souls out of everything it passed over. The players shattered the wall with a bright aura of red and blue light that came from within them.

The Statue of Shiva’s Speech: The statue of Shiva in the sunken temple spoke to the players in a woman’s voice:

“ I have waited a long time in this broken temple for you to come, my children. I chose each of you especially because here on this world will the minions of the ultimate enemy, the Nameless One, be bested by the strength that they cannot overcome, steal, or destroy. It is the power that I placed with each of you, the power of life and the hope for a better world. As long as you hold these dear, you will overcome the minions of the Destroyer and cast him back into the Place That Isn’t. You are my heralds, the heralds of the storm, and your fury shall cleanse the Earth. “

From The Forever City

The Forever City: The axioms of the Forever City were different from Core Earth, almost as if it was a remnant of another time. It also seemed to encourage people to ignore it. Ords could not even see it, and Possibility rated people had to focus hard to see it. The City was a mixture of Chinese, Indian, Egyptian, Mayan, Minoan, and Sumerian architecture. Murals indicated a human people, tall, and beautiful, who built the city, then sacrificed themselves to build the Destiny Flame to protect the world from an invasion from other dimensions. They accurately portrayed all the invading High Lords and their darkness devices, and showed them being controlled by a dark, shapeless form that was connected by black tentacles to the darkness devices.

The Destiny Flame’s Speech: “ I am called Apotheon. For uncounted eons have I waited for the Chosen Ones to brave the dangers and tests that guard this sacred place and make their way here. Now you may activate me and let me fulfill the purpose for which I was created, the purpose that led the race that created me to sacrifice themselves to see its success. I was made to protect this world, to strengthen the resolve of those who fight the minions of the ultimate enemy, the Nameless One. You must activate me by speaking the message you wish to convey. What message shall I send the beleaguered people of this world ?”

At this point the Destiny Flame showed a image of a Ravagon in America attempting to persuade a group of children to corrupt themselves by killing a weakened Storm Knight. The players remembered the clues given by the Old Man, Shiva, and Hanuman, and correctly told the Destiny Flame to tell everyone in the world that there was hope, that the invaders could be resisted. The effect activated the Destiny Flame, which sent a surge of Possibility Energy into Core Earth, reinforcing it’s axioms, and increasing the creation of Storm Knights by ten fold. Now literally for every Storm Knight slain by the High Lords, two more would take their place.

From The Anasazi Progression

The Anasazi Murals: The ancient Anasazi murals showed the apparent origin of the universe. A great war occurred between a dark being that seems to be the antitheses of everything, and a being of light. The war ends with the dark being locked up in the Place That Isn’t. The light being spreads itself out, forming the universe. Later, the dark being sends out part of itself, in the form of a dark flame, which is found by a tall, faceless man. He rises to power over his people, aided by three disciples called Fear, Strife, and Despair. in a great ritual to free the trapped Nameless One, the light being, called the Creator, appears, shattering the dark Flame and destroying the Dark Magus. The universe is multiplied, creating several different dimensions, and the survivors of the first race flee, some settling Core Earth, but a Core Earth from 100,000 years ago, with a great inland sea where the Sahara Desert is. The Firstborn settle at several sites: the Forever City in the Himalayas, a great city on the shores of the Saharan Sea, a city in the Andes, a city on a small continent where the Caribbean is, an island in the Mediterranean Sea, and the Island of Ponape in the Pacific in a vast chain of islands that stretches from Australia to Japan.

The civilization they build is threatened by the Nameless One again, which sends out more parts of itself, including a black heart, a dark mirror, and a black crystal, which are found by the three wandering disciples of the Dark Magus. The one called Fear, who finds the dark heart, is clearly recognizable now as the Gaunt Man. On Core Earth, a dark sword falls, where it is found by a warrior king. He uses this sword to make himself master over the First Born and the humans living on Earth. In a great rebellion, he is finally defeated, but not before the Saharan Sea is dried up, the Caribbean continent breaks up, the Pacific islands sink, and the Mediterranean island is destroyed by a volcanic eruption. The sword is lost when the king’s capital, an island in the Pacific, sinks. The Firstborn realize that another invasion will come in the future, led by the Gaunt Man, so they prepare a great defense system in the Forever City, sacrificing many of their own lives for the Possibility Energy to power it. The few survivors build a gate in the Anasazi ruins and flee to another dimension. The Destiny Flame then waits for the heroes who will one day come and activate it.

The Black Fragment: The fragment which powered the gate was cold to the touch and seemed made out of the same substance as the Nameless Codex and the Dark Idol. It was taken by Lord Cromwell to the Avalon Institute to be studied.

Collected Clues

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