After The Tieresias Contract

After The Tieresias Contract

Core Earth

The three month moratorium on new national elections has been extended for six months by presidential directive. President Quartermaine, in an address to the nation, cited the continued advance of reptile aliens as making this extraordinary measure necessary.

Philadelphia and Pittsburgh continue to fill with refugees from occupied areas as the reptile armies continue their advance down the East Coast. Pennsylvania is now under martial law, with all local forces being federalized. The Pentagon has announced a counter attack near the area will begin shortly.

US Army and National Guard units have repelled a third assault on the besieged city of Chicago. The city remains under siege, with intermittent radio and air contact.

Mexican troops have reportedly put down a riot in an American refugee camp near Tijuana. American refugees from California continue to pour into Mexico, prompting the Mexican military to put its forces on alert and move more troops to the border.

An official government statement confirms that all citizens have been evacuated from LA following the disastrous attack against reptile forces north of the city. The government states that the only people left in the city are criminal elements, which the army will begin rooting out as soon as a new attack is organized. The government denies CNN and CGA reports that citizens remain trapped in the city by reptile forces, abandoned by the government. Unconfirmed reports indicate skirmishes between reptiles and gang members.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that the US Army has been defeated near Harrisburg, PA, by reptile forces. No official government announcement has been made yet.

Reports from the Soviet Union indicate civilian unrest has erupted in many major cities, following the invasion of Earth. Soviet troops are reportedly mobilizing to establish martial law following Soviet President Rodonov’s resignation for health reasons.

Following the failed drive by the so-called CyberPapacy on West Germany, German troops have dug in along the border with remaining NATO forces.

Reports from Berlin indicate that all Soviet troops in East Germany, under the command of Marshal Viktor Rykov, have departed the country for the Soviet Union, following reports of mass demonstrations in Moscow. In the wake of their departure, mass protests have broken out in East Germany, paralyzing the government.

Reports from the Middle East indicate the government of Saudi Arabia has officially surrendered to the Nile Empire. Nile troops are commencing the occupation of Mecca, Medina, and Riyadh.

Following the collapse of the East German government, West and East German troops have taken control. The Bonn government has proclaimed a united Germany, following the spectacular victory over a massive Cyber-Papal attack on the Rhine river. No comment has been forthcoming from either the US or Soviet governments.

A massive explosion near London has been reported. In the aftermath of the Second Siege of London all invading forces have been driven north, freeing the city and southern Britain. The Royal government has proclaimed a day of celebration.

Chaos is now reported on the streets of Moscow as troops loyal to the coup to oust Soviet President Rodonov clash with troops and street demonstrators loyal to Russian President Kamenin, who has emerged as the leader of the opposition to the Kremlin coup.

Living Land

Reports continue to surface of communities in the occupied zones resisting the reptile advance. The government denies such reports, insisting that all citizens from the occupied zones have been evacuated and that only anti-government militia groups remain in the areas.

New World Investments, a subsidiary of the Kanawa Development Fund, has announced that one billion dollars has been allocated towards rebuilding San Francisco. CEO Tetsuo Kushinada announced that the new city will be the center of technological development world wide, the source of new technologies to defeat the invaders.

A large explosion near Pueblo, Colorado has been reported. In the aftermath of the explosion, huge tornadoes wiped out a reptile army mobilizing for an attack on Boulder. US forces have managed to secure the area, safe guarding this vital city from further attack.

Nile Empire

Following the detonation of a massive thermo-nuclear device on top of their forces, the Nile Empire has evacuated Israel and the Sinai peninsula, pushed out by a combined Israeli, US RDF, and Soviet Expeditionary Forces attack. Jerusalem has been liberated in the wake of the victory, which marks the first major gains by the Allies against the forces of the Nile Empire. In the wake of the battle, Turkey has announced it will be sending military forces to join the coalition.

Unconfirmed reports indicate a massive construction project is underway near Giza.

The villain called " The Mastermind " has been defeated and captured after a spectacular battle in Cairo between his minions and the group of costumed heroes called " The Mystery Men. "

The government of Libya has announced a formal truce with the Nile Empire that allows half of the country to remain in Nile hands. Colonel Qaddaffi has issued a statement of accord with the Nile Empire, calling on all Arabic states to drive out the Zionists and Westerners.

The US government and the Nile Empire has formally opened relations, establishing embassies in Thebes and Houston.

Reports continue to surface indicating that a resistance movement is harassing Imperial Nile forces in Saudi Arabia. The leader of the Arabian resistance is a mysterious individual known only as Khalid.


Following the breaking of the Second Siege of London, the Royal government has announced that its forces have cleared the remnants of the Dark Army out of Southern England.

In Oxford, Lady Pella Ardinay, leader of the Light Army, has announced the dispatch of an expedition of Home Guard forces, under the command of the veteran Baron Liam DeBray, to Wales, to oust Dark Army elements there.

The Dark Army is apparently regrouping near York following its defeat near London. The army is apparently being run by the Dark Council, composed of former advisors of the dead Necromage Angar Uthorion.

The Irish Army has withdrawn from Dublin, following the government’s move to Cork. The city is a reported battle zone between Dark Army units and IRA irregulars.

Reports indicate that the legendary " Spear of Cu-Culhain " has been discovered at the Monastery of the Lonely Isle.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that a sizable band of irregular forces are harassing Dark Army units in the area of Sherwood Forest.

The Finnish Army has launched a winter offensive that has driven back Dark Army units into occupied Sweden.

A large dragon terrorized the city of Copenhagen, causing massive damage until it was downed by NATO air units.

A group of knights calling themselves " The Order of the Holy Grail " have begun harassing Dark Army units in East Anglia.

Viking raids along the coast of England and Germany have increased, under the command of the new Viking leader, Jarl Magnus Redblade

Cyber Papacy

Unconfirmed reports indicate that the French Resistance has managed to destroy Inquisition Headquarters in Marseilles, throwing the city into confusion.

The Cyber-Papal government has announced a full scale purge of all “ Ungodly Elements “ from the government, army, and education system.

Following the disastrous defeat of Cyber-papal forces attempting to invade Corsica, military forces of the Cyber-Papacy have begun regrouping near Avignon. Unconfirmed reports indicate the arrival of new military units flying the ancient standards of France, England, and the Holy Roman Empire.

Cyberpapal forces were forced back from the Rhine following the failure of two attempts to drive on Germany. Reports indicate that Marshal de Vere, commander of the failed offensive, has been executed for heresy by the Cyber-Papal government.

The Free French government has established itself on Corsica, under the command of Marshal Xavier St. Marin, the senior surviving member of the French Army. His forces, including the famous French Foreign Legion, have begun raiding the French coastline following the successful repulsion of the Cyber-Papal invasion of Corsica

Nippon Tech

The Kanawa Corporation has completed the buy out of the Osaka Group, giving the company control of 35% of Japan’s mercantile shipping.

The Diet has announced the Citizen Registration Act, requiring all citizens to be issued an ID card and Citizen Registration Number.

Hachiman Arms has announced a 25 billion dollar arms deal with the US government.

The Diet has repealed the Clean Air Act.

Construction of the massive 200 story Kanawa Tower has reached 35% completion.

The assassination of Mikawa Hikaru, Kanawa’s Executive Vice President of Development, remains unsolved. Inside sources in the Tokyo Police have attributed it to a mysterious assassin called Daremo.

The Diet has announced the formation of a heavily armed Special Police unit in Tokyo to deal with the increased unrest and crime. The unit is to be armed with military grade equipment supplied by Hachiman Arms.

The Kanawa Development Group has announced a five billion dollar investment in its Hong Kong Investment Fund.

Violent crime and gang warfare continues to grip Tokyo. Prime Minister Oyama has blamed this increase on anti-capitalist forces in Japanese society.

A mysterious group of armored mercenaries called Kamikaze Force has begun operating in Tokyo. Their motives remain unknown.

The Kanawa Corporation has announced no word concerning the destruction of their Ikumi Research Station, worth 375 Billion yen, nor any reason for the disappearance of Chosokabe Tatori, the Executive Vice President of Research and Development. Initial reports indicating that President and CEO Ryuchi Kanawa perished in a helicopter crash at the time of the facility’s destruction have been proven false.


The forces of the so-called Victorian Empire have expanded their beach head in Singapore following the destruction of a plot to subvert the city by un-named forces.

Reports continue to filter in from the Indonesian islands indicating attacks by the walking dead. The US government has dismissed these reports as baseless.

The Prime Minister of Indonesia was found dead in his home, drained of blood. His successor has announced that Indonesia will continue it policy of resistance against the Victorian Empire.

A rash of serial killings in New London continues to baffle the Victorian constabulary. The serial killer has been dubbed Merryjack, for the grotesque grimaces left on the faces of the victims.

After The Tieresias Contract

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