After The Relics of Power Trilogy

Core Earth

The six month moratorium on new national elections has been extended to one year by President Quartermaine by special executive order. The current crisis is cited as forcing the action on the government.

The US Army drive to relieve the besieged city of Pittsburgh has succeeded following the so-called Miracle of Gettysburg. Reports of ghostly Civil War troops firing on reptile forces so startled the invaders that US forces could easily route them and establish a corridor to the besieged city.

US Army and National Guard units have repelled a fourth assault on the city of Chicago by the reptile army. Reports attribute victory to the sudden failure of the reptile’s powers and panic among their war beasts.

Mexican troops continue to deploy along the US/Mexican border to contain the flow of refugees from the United States to Mexico. Several clashes between Mexican Army units and the US Border Patrol have been reported. Units of the Texan National Guard are being re-deployed in the area. Reports of unrest in the American refugee camps established near the border continue to surface.

Reports continue to indicate that low intensity conflict has broken out in the ruins of LA between gang members and reptile units. General Perkins, commander of the Californian Military Zone, has announced that as soon as his forces have pushed back the reptile forces in the area, all criminal elements in LA will be subjected to martial law. Reports of citizens still trapped in LA are disputed by the Quartermaine administration.

The Kanawa Regional Development Fund has announced that its joint effort with the US government to rebuild earth-quake devastated San Francisco is proceeding ahead of schedule.

President Quartermaine has announced that all occupied areas of the US will be re-organized into Military districts, each under the command of a senior Army general and subject to indefinite martial law. This will allow the most effective use of US military forces against the reptile invaders.

The murder of the Nile ambassador to the US in the city of Atlanta remains unsolved, along with the deaths of eminent genealogist Professor Barker and his family. The Nile embassy has made no official comment.

Senator Young of Virginia has been recently appointed by President Quartermaine as Secretary of Defense. Senator Young has announced that he will continue to fight for the Legacy Party agenda, as well as oppose the invasion of America.

Senator Katherine Bradley of California has been chosen by her peers to head the Senate Intelligence Committee, in conjunction with her post as Chairman of the Senate Defense Committee. She has also announced hat she will conduct an investigation into allegations that the US military abandoned the inhabitants of LA to the invading reptile forces.

The United Nations has reconvened in Geneva, Switzerland, following the virtual collapse of the organization in the wake of the alien invasion. The new security council is headed by the Soviet Union, the United States, the German Republic, the People’s Republic of China, and Japan.

The Soviet government has re-stated its commitment to opposing the Nile Empire’s attempts to dominate the Middle East by dispatching more arms, troops, and credits to Israel, Syria, and Turkey. In related news, the Soviet government has recognized the unification of Germany and signed a defensive agreement with the German government. Warsaw Pact forces are reported to be deploying to the Rhine to aid NATO troops stationed there.

Congress has passed the Emergency Registration Act requiring every individual in the United States who passes the Excalibur Test performed by the Avalon Institute is to be registered for direct military service, if a citizen, and register as an Legal Alien Resident if not. In both cases such individuals can have their constitutional rights temporarily suspended for the duration of the current crisis and can be called upon by the government to give all possible aid and service at any time. Both the CGA and the GRA have announced their opposition to these extraordinary measures.

Living Land

Scattered reports indicating large scale military operations within the occupied Mid-West have begun surfacing. These reports indicate some sort of armed foreign military force, as well as a sizable reptile force, was defeated by a guerrilla army composed of citizens still remaining in occupied zones as well as reptiles. The Secretary of Defense has dismissed these reports as misleading, indicating only that hostile, anti-government militia groups have finally come out of hiding to exploit the current crisis. He cited the reports that reptile elements were seen with the guerrilla army as proof of their hostile intentions.

The Free American Army has announced that it has wiped out an entire tribe of reptile invaders deep in occupied territory. No confirmation by the government has been forthcoming.

Nile Empire

The leader of the Arabian resistance movement has been revealed as Prince Khalid ibn Sa’ud, an illegitimate son of the Saudi King. He has repudiated the peace treaty signed by Riyadh with the Nile Empire and his forces have been very successful in harassing Nile garrisons in occupied Saudi Arabia.

The combined Nile Empire and Libyan column driving through Tunisia to Algeria was ambushed by NATO forces from Spain, Italy, and Britain’s elite Z Force under the command of Vice-Admiral Prince Alexander Mountbatten, Duke of Lancaster, and decimated. The invaders were driven back into Tunisia with heavy losses following a spectacular lightning storm that surged in across the Mediterranean and destroyed the Nile airship fleet and bogged down the invading armored columns. As the only senior British military commander with command of significant forces outside of England, the Duke has moved aggressively ahead in the area of Allied unity against the Nile Empire’s forces. He announced that the Allies will continue to drive back the Nile Empire and liberate all conquered territories. No comment has been issued by either Colonel Qaddaffi or the Nile Empire.


The Home Guard of Aysle, commanded by Lady Tolwyn of Tancred, has reported a stunning victory in East Anglia over the Dark Wizard Amethyst and his forces. His castle, the site of a former British military base, is now occupied by the forces of the Light Army, after a fierce battle which involved Light Army units and Viking reavers from Scandinavia. Amethyst was reported slain in the battle.

A major invasion force of the Dark Army, under the command of Lord Mordaine, of the mysterious Order of the Blood Knights, was ambushed and wiped out to the last man while moving through Sherwood Forest to assault the city of Nottingham, the farthest controlled outpost of the Light Army. There has been no confirmation of the report that the column was destroyed by a large group of irregulars operating from Sherwood Forest, or that legendary Horn of Robin Hood was recovered and used during the battle.

The Dark Army stronghold of Castle Fear in Cornwall was destroyed by a surprise assault by the Light Army. Units of the Order of the Rose and Sword, led by the Lady Myriah of the White Rose, breached the lines of the Ogres of the Gibbering Moon tribe and slew the garrison commander, the sorcerer Kalistus Xandrius. This desperate assault on the Dark Army forces gathering for a drive on the Light Army headquarters at Oxford reportedly succeeded when the trees of nearby Greenwood Forest attacked the Dark Army lines

Cyber Papacy

Sources within the CyberPapacy confirmed the assassination of Cardinal le Rouchefoucald, head of the Cyberpapacy’s Intelligence Service, on the New Orient Express, by agents of the Resistance. The Cyberpapal government has announced a 500,000 franc reward for the capture and execution of the assassins.

The city of Paris was rocked by a massive storm which seemingly formed around the Eiffel Tower, sending out bolts of lighting arcing around the city. Such a storm has not been seen since the first days of the invasion of Earth. In the wake of the huge electrical display, dozens of Cyberpapist operatives turned up deceased across the city, practically eliminating the Cyberpapal spy network within the beleaguered capital of Paris. No explanation for this event has been offered by either the Paris Resistance or the CyberPapacy.

Reports of Hand of God irregulars who were gathering at Versailles to infiltrate Paris being wiped out by ghostly units of ancient Royal Musketeers have yet to be confirmed by Video Free France, but the forces of the French resistance have taken control both of Versailles and Fontainebleau, both former seats of French Royalty.

Nippon Tech

Reports from Thailand indicate that the proto-type mobile drilling platform owned by New Nippon Petrochemical, a subsidiary of Kanawa Resource Development, was destroyed by terrorist forces with great loss of life. The parent company, Kanawa Incorporated, offered no speculation on the motives of the terrorists. No comment was also forthcoming on why the oil platform, ostensibly drilling for oil in the Gulf of Thailand, leaked no oil despite being moored over a drilling site for two months, or why such a large contingent of Kanawa Security personnel were assigned to the craft. The loss is expected to cost the company over 15 billion yen. The Kanawa Corporation has announced a one million yen reward for the capture of the individual believed responsible, the masked hero known as Captain Commando.

A spectacular battle between Tokyo’s new Special Police Force and what was apparently a group of four advanced combat cyborgs was won thanks to the intervention of the mysterious team of armored warriors known as Kamikaze Force. The apparent team leader, dubbed Katana by the Tokyo media, defeated the lead cyborg after a pitched battle on top of the still under construction Kanawa Tower, during a monstrous storm. Following the battle, a nearby concert of the group Miyuki Samurai, fronted by popular singing idol Miyuki, drew in thousands of inspired Tokyo residents, shutting the Roppongi district down for hours and preventing Metro Police from apprehending or pursuing Kamikaze Force. Police Minister Eimi Fushida denounced the acts of Kamikaze Force as vigilantism and promised their capture.


An apparent miracle has occurred in occupied Indonesia. At precisely midnight, the full moon began to give off a strong glow, a light that eventually grew to the strength of full daylight. The effect lasted for a full hour, causing many invading creatures to burst into flames. The Indonesian Resistance Government has attributed this occurrence to the religious nature of their cause, as has Royal Governor-General Lord Robert Ashton.

An Australian Naval Force was able to defeat the so-called Phantom Fleet that has been terrorizing the seas off North Australia. The battle occurred when the Phantom Fleet was engulfed in a raging storm that wrecked the previously impregnable vessels, rendering them vulnerable to Australian gun fire.

The Victorian government has established formal relations with the United States, Australia, and Japan. Its ambassadors maintain that they are from another world almost identical to Earth except for a few historical differences. They claim to be representatives of a Queen Elizabeth III Cromwell, of England.

Noted occultist and collector of oddities Lord James Aversely was found dead in his New London residence. The Royal New London Constabulary reports that the body was found by a housekeeper after Lord Aversely retired to his room to peruse a copy of a new work he had purchased.

After The Relics of Power Trilogy

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