After Night Train to Cairo

Core Earth

Senator Bradley’s investigation into government actions in LA during the early days of the war have produced astounding results. Irrefutable visual evidence has confirmed that at least half of the residents of Los Angeles are still trapped in the ruins of the city. There has been no official response yet from the Quartermaine administration concerning this dramatic revelation, but experts agree that this will definitely weaken the President’s credibility at a crucial moment.

Professor Hamilcar Jones has released a full document explaining his theory on the extra-dimensional nature of the invaders. The convoluted document, as well as Professor Jones’s allegations concerning secret government projects dealing with alternate dimensions have been hotly denied by the government. Doctor Sharon Kingston, of the Avalon Institute of Paranormal Research has dismissed Professor Jones’s theory as completely lacking scientific validity.

President Chamorra of Panama has announced the expansion and upgrading of the Panamanian Defense Force, as well as the formation of a National Police Agency to deal with the large upsurge of violent crime in Panama City. The huge influx of American and European refugees, as well as Japanese citizens to aid in the running of the Canal Zone, coupled with the increasing desperation of the Latin American drug cartels following the destruction of their American markets, have prompted this action.

Arishikaga Security has announced to deployment of both troops and equipment to Hong Kong following a terrorist attack on the Kanawa Tower under construction there. Protests of the People’s Republic of Chinese were met with evidence of Chinese sponsored terrorism in Hong Kong following the invasion of Britain and the unraveling of the Hong Kong Royal government.

The Department of Federal Security has confirmed the Free American Army as a merger of several violent anti-government militias in the Pacific Northwest. It’s leader, former US Army General Walter Donner, is now on the FBI’s most wanted list. The Free American Army’s stated purpose is the elimination of both the reptile invaders and the formation of a pure American state in the Pacific Northwest.

Following the revelation of PRC backing of terrorist activity in Hong Kong, the Taiwanese government has announced that it is signing a full defensive agreement with Japan.

Living Land

In a bold attack, elements of the Free American Army have defeated US Army troops near Tacoma, Washington. Reports indicate that the entire garrison of the new 12th Light Infantry Division suffered heavy losses and were forced to retreat into the besieged city. The FAA’s Central Command announced that it will continue to attack occupying Federal forces in the area. The government has responded by announcing the dispatch of two more Light Infantry divisions to the area, delaying an expected attack to widen the corridor to the besieged city of Pittsburgh.

Nile Empire

The prestigious Empire Club has announced the death of one of its members, the masked hero Captain Commando. A band of heroes led by the Captain was attempting to recover an artifact being smuggled out of Morocco via train by agents of Pharaoh Mobius, when tragedy struck. While engaged in combat with the commanding officer of the Nile shock troopers guarding the train, Captain Commando was thrown out of a train car to his death in a ravine the train was crossing. The Empire Club has announced that his battered leather bomber jacket will be enshrined in the place of honor in its Hall of Fallen Heroes. The Nile government has announced the posthumous awarding of the Order of Ra to the deceased Colonel Muwaddi, as well as dedication of an obelisk in his name in the Garden of Heroes in Abydos. The Kanawa Corporation is refusing to pay its previously offered reward for the Captain’s capture or death to the Muwaddi family, citing the lack of Captain Commando’s body or confirmed evidence of his death as its reason.


The mysterious military order of the Dark Army called the Blood Knights has renovated an ancient castle in North Wales, re-naming it the Red Keep. This order, led by its fearsome Crimson Preceptor Lord Mordaine, has already restored Dark Army fortunes in North Wales and Northern England.

A joint operation by elements of the Light Army, commanded by General Count Edwyn Aethelric, and the order of the Rose and Sword, commanded by Lady Myriah of the White Rose, defeated a large force of goblins and ogres lead by the feared troll warlord Harghash Skullbreaker. These bandits had been plaguing the area near Plymouth in Cornwall for several months now and their eradication has been given a high priority by the Oxford government of Lady Pella Ardinay. Lady Myriah gave credit for the victory to a recent alliance between the Light Army and the wizard Allisthyr.

Cyber Papacy

The forces of the Cyber Papacy, reinvigorated by the arrival of fresh troops flying the flags of long-vanished medieval kingdoms, have launched a new offensive. The new Lord Marshal Henri de Vaubois has led the attack not against the heavily fortified Rhine Line of NATO but instead against the rear of France, at Spain. Cyberpapal forces have overwhelmed heavy Spanish border troops and have driven as far as Madrid. The situation was finally stabilized by a daring attack of NATO’s Z Force, composed of British, Spanish, and Italian troops led by Vice-Admiral Prince Alexander Mountbatten, Duke of Lancaster, which blunted, then halted the relentless Cyberpapal drive. Currently the Royal Spanish government has removed its seat to Seville and is organizing resistance against the invaders.

Nippon Tech

The Kanawa corporation has announced an agreement with the Chinese government allowing the construction of corporate towers in the cities of Canton and Shanghai. The details of the agreements are secret but inside sources indicate that massive investments into upgrading China’s infrastructure by the Kanawa Development Fund are the primary component of the deal.

While gang violence by both youth street gangs and organized Yakuza families continue to plague Tokyo, a new threat has emerged. Rogue cyborg attacks are now occurring at least twice a month, stretching the capacity of Tokyo’s Metropolice and even giving trouble to the new elite Special Police Force. The most recent incident when a trio of rogue cyborgs attacked the Tokyo Metro Subway was only narrowly prevented from becoming a disaster by the intervention of the mysterious group of power armored mercenaries called Kamikaze Force by the Tokyo Media. Though the police are still attempting to arrest these enigmatic warriors, sources within the Japanese business community indicate that the group is in high demand as both bodyguards and a corporate strike force for dealing with overly aggressive rivals.


The government of Malaysia has collapsed suddenly following a week of typhoons that have wrecked the country and paralyzed the infrastructure. Fragmentary reports from Kuala Lumpur seem to indicate that supernatural creatures are roaming the country in a manner similar to Indonesia. No surviving member of the Malaysian government has surfaced yet to form any sort of interim government. No response has been forthcoming from the US, Japan, Australia, India, China, or Japan. The Victorian Governor-General has announced that Her Majesty’s Government will investigate the matter and take such steps that are necessary to protect its citizens.

After Night Train to Cairo

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