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Core Earth

Six years into the largest, longest crisis faced by the United States since the Civil War, the Federal government has announced the institution of the Federal Uniform Justice Code, a streamlining of the civil and criminal justice process designed to facilitate the overwhelmed court systems in the US. President Quartermaine initiated the reforms by Presidential executive order, following Congress’s failure to obtain a quorum the third straight week. President Quartermaine indicated that he expects Congress to obtain a quorum soon, and confirm his decree.

Widespread protests greeted the announcement across the nation, as such diverse civil liberties movements as Common Ground, and the Grassroots Association denounced the Code as the complete subversion of the Bill of Rights by Executive Decree. The enactment of the Code means reduced Miranda warnings, expanded police powers, increased times of uncharged detention, and streamlining of the court process. President Quartermaine defended this as a necessary component of the war against the reptile invaders and their Mexican allies. White House spokesman Tiara Blake announced that only criminal elements and seditionists would need fear the new Justice Code.

The Pentagon has confirmed that Operation Wildfire II has failed to dislodge Mexican troops from Arizona and New Mexico following three weeks of fighting. Reports indicate that while the US Ranger units performed admirably, seizing early objectives, the newly formed armor and mechanized infantry divisions, the so-called ‘Chinese Army’, failed to exploits these advances. Sources indicate that this was due to wide-spread failures of the new weapons purchased from the Chinese government to equip these units. Pentagon spokesman Major General Weston announced that this was only a temporary setback to US objectives, and that a new offensive was being planned.

In related news, the Mexican government has announced the dispatch of Mexican troops to Guatemala, following the collapse of that country’s government in the wake of heavy drug cartel battles. The US has again denounced this move as Mexican imperialism, while the UN has withheld comment following an Indian motion to table discussion in the Security Council.

Good news for the Quartermaine Administration when forces of the US Navy’s Pacific Fleet defeated the Mexican Northern Fleet in several battles off of Baja California. Though this has apparently destroyed all Mexican heavy naval units, light speedboat raids off the California coast targeting vital oil rigs continues. To meet this threat, Pacific Asia Oil has announced it is hiring Kanawa Security Services to provide security for its besieged oil rigs. In related news, the Citadel Group of Aruba has announced the completion of an arms deal from its Vulcan Arms Systems subsidiary with the state of California to equip National Guard units with advanced weaponry.

In a surprise move, Governor Kahana of Hawaii has declared her state a Free State, still in the Union, but conducting its own policies. Citing Hawaii’s previous existence as an independent kingdom, and the US government’s admission of the illegal seizure of Hawaii, Kahana has pledged neutrality in the current conflict. The US government reacted with outrage as Hawaii joined Utah in defying the Federal government. Following the failure of Hawaii to obey the President’s orders to desist and return, the US Navy seized the Pearl Harbor naval and air base, but is unable to expand beyond due to the lack of manpower. The move has attracted considerable support in Hawaii, which sees itself as being dragged into a conflict it has no stake in. President Quartermaine gave an ominous news conference where he threatened unspecified retaliation against any Free State.

The US Army’s Operation Northstar in the Midwest has bogged down after two weeks of fighting. While sources in the government indicate that the new Ranger and Light Infantry units performed well, again heavier elements failed to follow up on objectives. Though the Pentagon has proclaimed Northstar a success, sources indicate that the Army only seized 15% of its assigned objectives.

Colonel Jonas Hawke, of the 2nd Ranger Regiment, was decorated by President Quartermaine personally following his successful attack driving Mexican Army units from the San Fernando Valley area. Though the administration has praised Hawke as an authentic American hero, sources inside the Pentagon indicate that he violated direct Pentagon orders to withdraw rather than fight. Administration sources deny this. Colonel Hawke is the popular hero of the Battle of Cincinnati, and a leading advocate of the new Light Infantry tactics that have proven successful against the reptile invaders.

In a surprise move, the seditionist movement in the Pacific Northwest has acquired a political identity. The Free American Army’s political arm, the American Freedom Party, has announced the creation of the Allied States of America in the states of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. It’s President is former US Senator Donald Talavert of Idaho, who resigned his office in disgrace four years ago while being investigated by the FBI for ties to white militia groups. Ominously, the new government claims the Canadian Territory of British Columbia as well in its “ Free White America based on constitutional racial government.” The government of Mexico has announced its recognition of the seditionist government, while Canada and the US have denounced it. Quartermaine Administration spokesman Tiara Blake issued a formal statement from the President blasting the seditionist movement as “ betraying the American people into the hands of the reptiles and the Mexicans.” There has been no comment from the UN, and the Pentagon has made no announcements of military operations against the seditionists beyond those currently underway against the Free American Army.

The People’s Republic of Cuba announced it was joining Mexico’s war against the United States. President Fidel Castro announced that Cuba was allying with Mexico in its “Historic struggle against Yankee Imperialism.” Cuba forces have overrun Guantanamo Bay and have invaded Puerto Rico. Heavy fighting by the 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force and the Puerto Rican National Guard against the Cubaninvasion force has produced heavy casualties, but the fighting seems to have stabilized along the East/West axis of the island. US Naval forces from the Atlantic Coast have defeated a Cuban invasion fleet aimed at Florida, but have been unable to dislodge Cuban forces from the Florida Keys. Sources indicate that the Cubans, with Mexican help, are building a major airstrip in the Keys for heavy bombers. The Quartermaine Administration has announced that it will not be threatened or defeated by the “ Aging Communist revolutionaries of Cuba and Mexico, and American arms will prevail.” The Governor of Florida has put the state on alert, warning residents that Cuban bombing of Floridian cities is imminent.

Professor Hamilcar Jones of the Stanford Institute has released a controversial theory for defeating the invading extra-dimensional forces. He states that since quantum realities are never meant to interface, the invading realities have to be powered by external forces to override Core Earth’s reality. If these sources of power can be located and shutdown, Core Earth’s reality can override the invading reality, restoring things to normal. The Avalon Institute, now the foremost researcher of extra dimensional physics, has yet to comment on this latest pronouncement of Professor Jones.

In his latest State of the Union Address, President Dennis Quartermaine announced his full confidence in the American military to overcome the reptile invaders, and the Mexican-Cuban Alliance. He stated confidently that despite setbacks, new forces are being trained and equipped and will drive out the invaders as soon as possible. He then declared that the Union must remain united above all, and declared that the Free State movement would be treated as in league with the enemies of America, threatening harsh military action against any Free State. He then launched into a rambling half hour diatribe against the traitors lurking within American society and called upon all loyal citizens to root out these disloyal elements. The newly reconvened Congress had no comment on the speech, and the Administration spokesman Tiara Blake simply reiterated Quartermaine’s call for vigilance.

The Avalon Institute has announced that it is merging with the smaller Stanford Institute, following the ouster of the Avalon Institute’s Director, Doctor Annabelle Dodds, citing her refusal to accept overwhelming evidence that the invaders are from parallel quantum realities. Following a purge of her supporters, who have gone to found a rival organization called the Institute for Free Quantum Research, Doctor Douglass MacNair has been elected Director of the new Avalon Institute, and he has appointed controversial scientist Doctor Hamilcar Jones as head of Quantum Research. There has been no comment from the Quartermaine Administration, which funds the Avalon Institute and used its controversial findings to support its theories that the invaders are not from other realities.

Living Land

The city of Chicago, under siege by reptile forces since the beginning of the war, has repelled a fifth assault by massive reptile forces. Colonel Prescott Mitchell of the 3rd Ranger Regiment is credited with accomplishing this task by sudden small unit attacks which broke up the reptile advance and allowed Army and National Guard units to flank the invaders, driving them back. Following this victory, Governor Thurman Ward has finally appointed two Senators and eight Congressmen to fill the voids left by the invasion. Representative Tyreus Brown of Chicago, the firebrand former gang member who’s appointment has been held up by the Quartermaine Administration, finally has taken his seat, and the inclusion of the Illinois delegation has given Congress its first Quorum in over two months. Governor Ward has also appointed a new National Guard commander for the city, Major General Kendra Jackson, who’s defense of the city and the Red Line in Illinois has kept American forces from being run out of the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes region.

A huge reptilian carnosaur has been destroying vital shipping in the Great Lakes, and has destroyed a Coast Guard detachment sent to kill it. It is believed that this creature is working with the reptile invaders to cut off the flow of supplies to Chicago.

In a ominous expansion of the range of the reptiles, dinosaurs have been spotted in the Florida Everglades.

Reports from in the invaded zones continue to indicate that there is widespread but disorganized resistance against the reptiles by various militia groups. Though the Quartermaine Administration’s official position continues to be that only seditionist and criminal elements have ignored the evacuation orders for occupied areas, independent reports show that many small, isolated communities of average citizens are actually holding out and resisting the reptiles. The Pentagon had no comment on reports that these resistance communities continue to help wounded US servicemen and Army patrols, despite the official Army policy of forcible removal of any such communities that are discovered.

Other resistance forces are emerging in the US. Various Native American groups in the Southwest have coalesced around a mysterious, secretive leader named Ghostwalker. This new resistance group seems aimed at both the reptilian invaders as well as the Mexican Army. The Administration and the Pentagon has released a standard denouncement of all non-governmental forces fighting the invaders as seditionists and criminals.

In Pennsylvania, Philadelphia had now become the stopping point for refugees fleeing the reptile invaders along the Freedom Corridor. US Army forces and National Guard units are concentrating in the city to resist reptile forces which are gathering in the area for an assault.

From somewhere in occupied America a rogue news broadcast on AM radio has begun. Calling itself Radio Free America, its DJ/news commentator, who goes by the nom de guerre John Q. Public, has launched a blend of music, morale raising segments, uncensored news reports from the combat zones, and scathing attacks on the Quartermaine Administration. Already the administration has threatened legal actions under the Federal Security Act against any news source using reports from Radio Free America, and against any citizen caught listening to the pirate station, but the station’s reports, which have always been independently confirmed as accurate, somehow seem to still get out and Americans are listening in droves. The FCC has failed so far to locate the broadcast station, and despite a massive effort, the Department of Federal Security has been unable to identify John. Q. Public.

Ominous reports from the occupied zones, reported through Radio Free America, have indicated that the Army’s Long Range Patrols have discovered resistance communities in the Ohio Valley abandoned, with no sign of their inhabitants. The towns are reported to be absolutely smothered in webs of an unknown origin. The Pentagon has issued no comment on this report.

Reports from the occupied zones in the Midwest indicate that some sort of ultra carnosaur has decimated Army units. Described by Radio Free America as a cross between “ Godzilla and a T-Rex on steroids” the Army will neither confirm or deny this new threat.

Scattered reports from sources in California indicate that large bands of reptiles have been spotted far from their home bases scouring the Sierra Madre area. It is obvious they are searching for something, but exactly what is unknown.

Nile Empire

The Nile Empire’s attempt to restore order in Somalia following the assassination of Dictator Mohammed Siad Biarre has become subjected to severe guerilla
attacks by various Somali clan militia units. This has led to fierce street battles in Mogadishu, and savage reprisals against male Somalis by Nile forces.
In related news, General Ramadi Khoreset was executed after a trial by the Pharonic government for his failure to deal with the situation in Somalia.

The Pharonic Army has launched a surprise invasion of Niger and Mali, rapidly defeating the military forces of both countries in conjunction with a new offensive into Morocco. While Z Force, led by Prince Alexander of Lancaster, continues to hold off Nile Forces in Morocco, NATO is scrambling to find forces to send to West Africa. Analysts believe that the Nile Empire is attempting to flank NATO Forces in North Africa and seal off the Mediterranean from Allied Forces.

Allied Forces in Israel, led by the IDF, US RDF, and Soviet Expeditionary Force, have driven Nile Forces out of Israel and back into the Sinai, severing the link between Egypt and its occupied territory in Saudi Arabia. Part of the victory is credited to the spectacular failure of the Nile Empire’s newest weapon, the vaunted electro-tank, which used broadcast energy to power it, and to fire its electro cannon. In actual combat, the tanks apparently imploded when hit by modern munitions. In response, Pharaoh Mobius ordered the execution of his Minister of research and development, the villain Doctor Elektrus, designer of the tanks.

A mass rally was held in Thebes, marking both a Nile religious festival confirming the Pharaoh’s status as a living deity, and his ascension to the throne of the Restored Nile Empire of Khem. Speeches were made by the Pharaoh exhorting his followers to believe in him and his destiny, and he was followed by a constellation of speakers from his Pharonic Nationalist Party, including propaganda minister Doctor Mentallus, and the new minister of research and development, Professor Mekanikus. In response, the followers of the Pharaoh seemed whipped up into a religious hysteria, promising to give their lives to defeat the many enemies of the Nile Empire.

The Pharaoh attended the launching of his newest weapon, a submersible cruiser named Imperial Vengeance. The Pharaoh promised that it would be the first of many to strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of the Nile Empire.

The Nile invasion of the former Yugoslavia has been going well, with Nile Battlegroups advancing as far as Sarajevo before being stopped by Warsaw Pact and NATO forces. Analysts worry that this new offensive by the Nile Empire will cut NATO and Soviet forces off from the Mideast, allowing the Pharaoh to defeating his enemies in turn.

In a blow against the Nile Empire, its vaunted mecha-spider, the terror of its Yugoslavic campaign, has been destroyed by two of the Empire Club’s premier members, Doctor Steel and the Manhunter. The outraged Pharaoh has now doubled the rewards he has placed on the heads of both heroes.


Conflict in Aysle has erupted between the Dark Council and the so-called Lich King Amethyst. Fighting between Amethyst’s forces and the Dark Army in Anglia has driven refugees from the area into lands controlled by the Light Army.

The city of Blackpool has been occupied by a giant dragon called Bloodwing, which has destroyed Light Army units garrisoning the area. Though the beast appears to be unaffiliated with any of the Dark Army factions, it has apparently taken up residence in the city’s mint and has enslaved the inhabitants to work for it. The Home Guard has called upon all adventuring companies in the area to attempt to drive the beast out and liberate the city.

Her Majesty’s Government has announced that following the liberation of Southern England, it is forming a Royal Home Army of disciplined troops equipped in the medieval fashion. It is believed that by coupling modern training methods, with the medieval technology of the occupied areas, that the new Royal Home Army can engage Dark Army units with advantages not available to the Light Army.

Marshal Dujelski’s second Winter Offensive in Finland has caught the Dark Army’s forces by surprise. The Dark Army’s units were unprepared for the severe Finnish winter, and were quickly routed by Finnish and Soviet ski troops. Slain in battle was the Troll King Arlgarak the Gutripper, the Dark Army commander in Finland. Finnish troops have pushed the Dark Army back to the border with occupied Sweden, and are consolidating their positions for further operations.

The Wizard Iskandar has occupied the Danish island of Aalborg, declaring himself ruler of the island. His attempts to occupy the Danish mainland with an army of undead was halted by an offensive by the German Army, which conducted a high altitude bombardment with a new mixture of napalm that works under the medieval conditions of the occupied areas, incinerating the horde of undead warriors.

The Court of Light has announced that the Wizard Merthyr, Chancellor of the Arcane Order of Mages, has been appointed as Court Wizard of the Court of Light. It also announced that the mysterious wizard Allisthyr of Carisbrooke has been appointed as Chief Battle Mage of the Army of Light.

Lord Cromwell, Lady Pella Ardinay’s Grand Chancellor, has announced a formal alliance between the Court of Light and the Royal Government. Though both governments had cooperated in vital areas, there has always been a high degree of mistrust between the two seats of power. Lord Cromwell announced that he hoped this alliance would finally put to rest these separations. “ There has been too much mistrust on both sides, “ he stated, “ Over the intentions of the other. Let me state clearly that Lady Ardinay is in no way challenging or assuming the Throne of England. She and the Court of Light are only here to defeat the Dark Army and help restore England’s rightful rule to Her Majesty’s own sovereign territory. All we of Aysle desire is the final victory over the Dark Army, so we may return home to our own plane and begin our work of reconstruction there.” It is believed that this alliance may be the turning point in the battle against the fantastic invaders who have seized most of Northern Europe.

In a tragic moment the brave group of adventurers called the Sterling Defenders were captured by the Blood Knights and executed most cruelly at Castle Blood. The Defenders had been attempting to curtail the operations of the Baalite priests of the Dark Council when they were overwhelmed by the Blood Knights.

The dreaded Fen King of Anglia, a fearsome giant of cannibalistic nature, was slain and his army destroyed by the Order of the Rose and Sword, led by Lady Myriah of the White Rose. Lady Myriah herself slew the Fen King in single combat. For her continued gallant actions, the Court of Light has made her Lady Marshall of the Realm.


With 1/3rd of Spain occupied by Cyberpapal forces, the Cyberpapist offensive in Iberia seems to have bogged down and stalemated. NATO troops
have dug in along a line running from Asturias in Northern Spain, through the south of Madrid, to Valencia, containing the Cyberpapal advance. Reports
indicate that the city of Toledo has once again become a main base of operations for the dreaded Inquisition. Spanish irregular forces, inspired by loyalty
to the Spanish monarchy and the Pope have stepped up operations, wearing away at Cyberpapal forces, and prompting savage reprisals by the Inquisition and
its allies, the conservative Falange Dios, also know as the Black Cross.

NATO and the Warsaw Pact has announced a formal alliance, concentrating their efforts and pledging to work together until all extra dimensional invaders have been defeated. The Quartermaine Administration has denounced this move as allying with the forces of communist tyranny, but privately, sources within the administration have conceded there is little they can do about the situation, as it is obvious now that the dominant power in NATO is the unified German Republic. As a result, Lieutenant General Norman Taylor, SACEUR, has ordered the US European Command to cooperate with all Warsaw Pact forces from this point on. Marshal Kamenovski, the Warsaw Pact Supreme Commander, has announced that the thrust of the Allied forces will be on liberating Belgium and the Netherlands from the forces of the CyberPapacy, as well as clearing Cyberpapist forces from Northern Italy.

The assassination of Cyberpapal Nuncio Cardinal de Villepre by unknown assailants in Mexico has produced a diplomatic row between the two countries. The CyberPapacy has accused the Mexican government of turning a blind eye to the assassination, and has demanded that Mexico find and execute the assassins, as well as repeal the Anti-Clerical laws enacted by the Mexican Revolution. The Mexican government has denied any culpability in the assassination and has refused any demands made upon it to repeal the laws.

The Cyberpapal Nuncio in Canada, Cardinal de Savio, has announced the Cyberpapacy’s support for the growing Quebec Separatist movement. Canada and the United State have denounced both the CyberPapacy and Quebec for its attacks upon the sovereignty of the Canadian government, yet unrest continues to grow in this restive province.

World Peace Ministries, the non-denominational Christian charity working out of Switzerland, has announced it is sending teams to help oversee American refugee camps in the Southwest and in California. It has also announced it is working with the Clerical League in Mexico to gain access to the refugee camps there, as well as cooperating on freedom of religion issues in Mexico.

Nippon Tech

China and Japan have engaged in a serious diplomatic disagreement following Japan’s announcement that Kanawa Petroleum would begin drilling in the Spratly
Sea, protected by Japanese Naval forces. Coupled with Japanese and ASEAN support for Free Hong Kong, and its assumption of the defense of South Korea, this
has raised the level of tension between Beijing and Tokyo. China has withdrawn their ambassador for consultations in protest of the Japanese decision.

The Kanawa Group has announced its purchase of Daishun Industries in South Korea. This purchase now makes Kanawa Incorporated the largest company in South Korea.

The Chinese delegation in Free Hong Kong has accused the Hong Kong police of harassing Chinese businesses by arresting business leaders. Chief Superintendent Lin of the FHKP has stated that as part of the anti-crime campaign, Triad front businesses, often operated by mainland Chinese, are being shutdown.

Kamikaze Force has defeated an experimental boomer in Tokyo’s new Heavy Industrial Zone. Evidence released anonymously to news services revealed that the boomer was constructed illegally by a rogue Kanawa Cybersystems executive, Kinichi Ogawa. Mister Ogawa is said to have committed suicide as Tokyo Metropolice were attempting to arrest him.

North Korea has launched a surprise attack on South Korea, leading to a general conflict on the peninsula. Heavy fighting along the DMZ has led to a general, but orderly, South Korean withdrawal. The remaining US forces in Korea, under Lieutenant General Mackenzie, are holding on to the heavily bombarded city of Seoul. ASEAN has denounced North Korea’s actions and requested a boycott by the UN, which has tabled the motion following a Chinese veto. In response, ASEAN members Vietnam, Taiwan, and the Philippines, have declared war on North Korea.

In a surprise move, the People’s Republic of China has declared war on ASEAN following the organization’s declaration of war on North Korea. Heavy fighting has erupted in the China Sea, Vietnam, and on the Korean Peninsula. In a secondary move, following an Indian proposal to censure China, the PRC declared war on India over its disputed Himalayan border. Japan has offered it services as a mediator, but this has been rejected by all sides, who distrust Japan’s motives. In related news, the Nisei rose fifty points as Japan’s industries have shown record profits in exports.


Without explanation, an army of the living dead, composed of cannibalistic corpses, has arisen near New Sussex Indonesia(formerly Parang). The horde of
ravenous, flesh eating corpses poured into the city, devouring all in their path. The city is now reported to be a ghost town, prowled by the hungry dead.

The Indonesian resistance has launched an attack by their special forces on multiple targets in New London in a wave of suicide bombings. In response, the Victorian Royal Government is announcing severe restrictions on Islamic places of worship and on movement by Indonesian males.

Doctor Lucifer has struck again in New London. The serial killer has murdered two prostitutes in one night, an hour apart. Both victims were horribly dissected, and as is typical of the Satanic Surgeon’s crimes, no cries were heard. The killer left another taunting note for the Royal Police, boasting about the success of his “double operation.”

The Provisional Government of Malaysia has sent its forces to engage Victorian forces in Kuala Lumpur. Though outnumbering Victorian troops five to one, and with better technology, the Victorians managed to break the back of the offensive. Surviving Malaysian troops have retreated to near the Thai border. General Lord Waverly-Sarrington, the Victorian ground commander, stated that battle demonstrated the inherent inferiority of native armies to Victorian troops.

New Zealand is now at the center of two controversies following its refusal of a stop over by a Royal Victorian Naval squadron. Citing its tradition of neutrality, New Zealand refused admittance to the squadron because of Victorian treatment of native peoples. The Victorian Ambassador, Lord Eversleigh, announced that neutrality in an age of war was infantile and showed that New Zealand’s development as a nation was on par with the ‘wogs.’ New Zealand also refused admittance to Chinese Naval vessels, citing China’s refusal to declare its vessels free of nuclear weaponry. The Chinese ambassador to New Zealand stated that the PRC has noted New Zealand’s insolence.

A mysterious killer called the “Headhunter” has appeared in Wellington, New Zealand. His trademark is the decapitations of his victims, making off with the heads. Reports indicate him to be a huge tattooed male, possibly Maori or Samoan. New Zealand police confirm that on two occasions he has been shot repeatedly, yet has managed to escape and reappear to terrorize the city again.

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