Additional Ranged Weapons

Archaic Ranged Weapons

Weapon Cost Damage Max Axiom Ranges(PB/S/M/L)

Elven War Bow 1000 GP +8 23 12T/10M 10/20/200/500

Daikyu 160k Ny +7 21 13 -/10/100/300

English Long Bow 500GP +7 22 13 -/25/150/400

Elven War Glaive 2500 gp +8 25 12T/10M -/15/100/200

Dwarven Crossbow 1,000 gp 17 – 13T/10M -/15/150/300

Amazon War Bow - +8 22 10 -/20/120/240

Amazon Cyber Bow - +10 25 25 5/50/200/500


Elven War Bow

The distinctive ranged weapon of Ayslish elves, its frame is a double re-curve, formed from a fusion of Silver Tree wood and Forest Drake horn, while the string is of mithril woven with Forest Drake gut. These fantasy components give it its Magic axiom requirement. It has incredible power and range, and can be used in melee in a pinch, at a damage values of +4.


The classic Japanese long bow, it has the grip low on the frame that is customized to fire from horseback. The user suffers no penalties for firing form horseback while using this bow. Ranges are the same as the standard longbow.

English Long Bow

The legendary English bow, it is made from yew wood, and has an incredible tensile strength. It fires three foot arrows of ash wood, and can penetrate armor from long distances.

Elven War Glaive

This section covered the ranged aspects of the Ayslish Elven War Glaive

Dwarven Cross Bow

Before the advent of gunpowder weaponry on Aysle, this beast was the premier mechanically powered ranged weapon. It has a heavy frame construction, and its frame and mechanism are made of arcane materials that require a Magic Axiom of 10 to support. The bolt is heavy, and tipped with an Adamantium-steel alloy to punch through armor. It is naturally armor piercing. It requires a Strength of 10 to reload without a penalty.

Amazon War Bow

The primary ranged weapon of the Amazons of Core Earth and Olympia, this is made of Olympian Oak, Amazonian steel, Hydra leather, and strung with a bowstring of hydra gut. It is highly accurate, especially in Amazonian hands, and the Amazonian metal guards and edging means it can be used as a melee weapon as well, with Strength +5 damage.

Amazon Cyber Bow

Used exclusively by the Amazon war bands led by led by Agaue, in Mega-Tokyo, and by Eos, in Los Angeles respectively. It is of ultra-high tech construction native to Nippon Tech and Tharkold, its was designed by sympathetic cyber techs in both areas. It is made of advanced composites, is extremely durable and features built in stabilizers, and is designed to be used with a cyber link, either internal or fitted into high tech armor. It commonly compacts and is stored in battle armor, activating and expanding for combat.

Additional Ranged Weapons

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