Submachine Guns Machine Pistols

SMGs/Machine Pistols

Weapon Cost Damage Ammo Axiom Ranges(PB/S/M/L)

Goblin Fury Gun 1000gp12 12 15 1/10/15/25

FN-F Automatique 800 f 16 16 19 -1/10/20/40

Maloda Steam Pistol $1,000 15 24 19 5/10/15/20

Mauser 9mm 300 16 20 19 -/5/15/30

Sten Gun MK 2 $600 15 32 20 1/10/25/35

PP-Sh 41 $700 16 71 20 -/10/20/30

Bushmaster M17s $1000 20 30 22 -/15/40/100

Vz61 Skorpion $500 15 20 22 -/5/15/20

H&K MP5K $1600 18 30 22 5/25/50/100

Intratec Tec-9 $250 15 20 22 1/5/20/30

Beretta Model 12 $1,000 16 32 22 -/10/25/35

Kanaga ‘Ravager’ 10mm 80k ny 16 20 23 -/10/25/40

SMGs/Machine Pistols

Goblin Fury Gun

The Goblin gunsmiths saw automatic weapons on Core Earth. This was the result. It is three musket barrels, rotating around a spindle, with two tube feeds for ball ammunition and a central reserve for Goblin Green powder, and a wheel lock. It blows up. A lot. Goblins don’t seem to mind the explosions, though, and there are always fresh draftees for the three man crews, on goblin to hold the gun and aim, the other two to run the re-loading process. It often explodes in the re-loading process. Dwarves hate this monstrosity. On a roll of 1 through 5, something bad happens.

FN-F Automatique

Manufactured by FN-F, this weapon is a primitive, black powder sub-machine gun from New Columbia. It uses Weird Science to power its rotating double barrel and drum magazine, but even still it is prone to jams and malfunctions. It cannot be fired one handed due to the location of its magazine and it has a decent rate of fire and stopping power from its 5.50 mm cartridge. It jams on a roll of 1 or 2.

Maloda Steam Pistol

A machine pistol from Orthe, made by the French-Belgian firm Maloda Arms, this is a wonder of Weird Science. The heavy barreled pistol is connected to a steam powered back pack by a thick hose, and the steam valve drives the rotating drum magazine. It jams on a roll of 1, 2, or 3. It uses a heavy, black powder .40 caliber round. The hose is vulnerable to being severed, and the steam pack can causes scalding hot clouds of steam if damaged.

Mauser 9mm

Made by Mauser Arms in Germany in the 1920’s and 30’s, this is the classic machine pistol of Core Earth. It has good stopping power, rate of fire, and number of rounds. Its broom handle stock add on also makes a stable firing platform.

Sten Gun

The standard issued submachine gun for British and Commonwealth forces in World War 2. It is light weight, from stamped metal, and is easy to manufacture, and has an impressive rate of fire and magazine capacity. However, its safety is notoriously unreliable, even to the point of if its struck hard it will discharge, even with the safety on. The fire selector is also subject to unreliability. It jams on a 2 or 3, and on a 1 it will suffer a discharge malfunction.

PP-Sh 41

The standard issue submachine gun for Soviet forces in World War Two, and staggering amount were produced and sold worldwide until the AK-47 replaced it. It is very rugged and reliable, and has a huge 71 round drum magazine. Its main drawback is it has no forward grip or stock to hold onto when firing, so its suffers a -2 penalty when used on Full Auto, or when used for One on Many or Many on One.

Bushmaster M17s

An Australian design in 1986, first by Armtech Limited in Australia, then by Bushmaster Arms, this weapon is popular among African mercenaries as it takes the M-16’s ubiquitous 5.56mm round and clip, and its grip and bullpup design clip is swivel mounted, allowing right and left handers to use it with ease.

Vz61 Skorpion

A product of the Czech Republic, this light machine gun is a favorite of Warsaw Pact countries’ police forces and border police, as well as among Warsaw Pact special forces. It is also a popular weapon among terrorists as well. It has a small round, but its light weight, small size, and foldable stock, which allows it to be carried in a pistol holster, outweighs its low stopping power. Its best point is it has an insane rate of fire. It can empty its whole clip in a minute, though doing so will melt the barrel. It still has an impressive rate of fire. If it is used as a One on Many or Auto-fire action, its loses no damage and actually adds a +1 to damage. However, its light weight means accuracy suffers, so in both situations it’s at a -1 to hit.

H&K MP5k

Heckler and Koch’s most recognizable product, it is a favorite among Europe’s special forces and elite police units. It is fast replacing the Uzi as the most used SMG on the planet. Light weight, portable, accurate, and easy to use. It is the standard issue SMG for the German military and for police tactical units, and is spreading fast to other militaries and police units worldwide. Its two round burst fire is very accurate, giving it a +1 to hit on Full Auto fire, One on Many, and Many on One.

Intratec Tec-9

Intratec’s 9mm entry into the market is technically an automatic loading machine pistol, but can easily be converted to full automatic fire with household tools. It is very popular among America criminals for its easy conversion and cheap price. It is very inaccurate on Full Auto, giving it -1 to hit on Full Auto, One on Many, and Many on One. Anyone running into gangs in the ruins of L.A. are sure to find several of them armed with ‘Tec 9’s.’

Beretta Model 12

Beretta’s latest model submachine gun is very accurate and reliable. It has a very good safety, and its center located magazine is on a rotator, making it easy to use for right or left handed people. It is the standard issue SMG for the Italian military and tactical police units.

Kanaga ‘Ravager’ 10mm

Kanaga Heavy Industries entry into the SMG market is as popular as its ‘Shadow 10mm.’ It shares the same ammo, is adaptable for left or right hand, and its bull pup design makes it easily concealable.

Submachine Guns Machine Pistols

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