Melee Weapons

Melee Weapons

Weapon Axiom Damage Max Value Cost

No Daichi 9 +8 23 150k Nuyen

Wakizashi 9 +5 19 25k Nuyen

Ninja-To 9 +4 18 20k Nuyen

Naginata 9 +8 26 30k Nuyen

Khordist Blade 9 +6 AP 23 -

Amazon Dual Blade 9 +8 20 -

Long Sword 10 +7 20 50 Gold Pieces

War Axe 10 +7 23 100 Gold Pieces

Templar’s Blade 10T/10S 7/O 23 -

Picador 11 +6 21 150 gp

Guten Tag 11 +6 22 400 gp

Zweihander 11 +7 22 400 gp

Dwarven War Axe 11/10M +6 24 1,000 gp

Elven War Blade 12T/10M +8 23 500 Gold Pieces

Elven War Spear 12T/10M +9 25 750 Gold pieces

Elven War Glaive 12T/10M +8 24 2,500 gp

Gun Pike 15 +6/15 22 Ammo 1 250 gp

Gun Blade 15 +6/15 20 Ammo 1 350 gp

Deus Vult 15 +8/16 22 Ammo 1 500 gp

Cattle Prod 23 +12 Shock 18 $250

Kanaga Mono-Blade 24 +10 AP 25 700k Nuyen

Neo Ninja-To 24 6/2 Shock 20 250K Nuyen

Chain Sword 24 10/1 W 28 5,000f

Power Sword 24 +8 AP 24 10,000f

Shotgun Gauntlets 24 +2/16 20 Ammo 2/6 $3,000

Taser Gauntlets 24 4/2 Shock 12 $2,500


No Daichi

The classic Japanese two handed sword, it is essentially a four foot katana. Difficult to master, it can be devastating in trained hands. As a two-handed weapon, it gains an extra +1 to damage when wielded with both hands.


The companion blade for a samurai, it is a foot and a half katana. It gains a bonus of +1 to Dodge values if used to parry only.


The Ninja’s sword, it is not a quality weapon; rather it is sturdy and compact, with a sheath that serves a variety of purposes.


The quintessential Japanese polearm, it is essentially a katana blade mounted on a four-foot shaft. It is a deadly weapon, and a favorite among shrine maidens as well as samurai. As a two-handed weapon, it gains an extra +1 to damage when wielded with both hands.

Long Sword

The classic Western European knight’s sword, it is a three-foot double edged blade, elegant and intricate, and designed to be used either on foot or on horseback.

War Axe

A large, single bladed, single edged axe, used by the Saxons on Core Earth. It is very heavy and delivers powerful blows. As a two-handed weapon, it gains an extra +1 to damage when wielded with both hands. It also reduces armor it attacks by one point.

Khordist Blade

From the cosm called The Wasteland, this is the weapon of the mysterious Khordist Monks-an order of psychic warriors/martial artists who wander the desert wastes, dealing in justice and righting wrongs. The blade is never for sale, and the Khordist order does not make them for outsiders. The only way to acquire one is to kill a Monk and take his, an act that always brings down a group of Khordist Monks who invariably defeat the killer, confiscate the weapon, and bring him to justice. The blade is 3 and a half feet long, straight, with a single cutting edge and a sturdy hilt. Its cutting power is impressive, and, when augmented by Khordist psychic powers, is incredibly deadly. The stats given for the blade are for non-psychic users.

Amazon Dual Blade

A weapon of the warlike Amazons of Core Earth, who have returned from their sojourn in the pocket realm of Olympus. It is a long, one-foot central hilt of metal, wrapped in leather straps, sporting one two-foot, double edged blade of Amazonian steel at each end. It is used in a whirling, dervish like fighting style, and the blades can be used to either slash or impale. It is unwieldy to those untrained in its use, and the Amazons definitely do not like non-Amazons, especially male non-Amazons using it.

Templar’s Blade

From the Magna Verita cosm, this bastard sword combines faith and technology together. It is a high quality forged weapon that is imbued with Faith as it is forged, making it into a Relic. It requires a Spiritual Axiom of 10 to use, and it the hands of a user who has Faith, gives a +1 add to the Faith skill, as well as +1 to the effect rating of all miracles cast by the wielder.


The lance-blade used by elite mounted troops of the Renaissance, it is common among non-cyber units on Magna Verita. It is made out of steel, with a 2m shaft with a heavy, wide, 1m single edged blade mounted on the end. Its curve is topped with a sharp point, and it can be used to either impale or slice a foe.

Guten Tag

On Core Earth the Guten Tag was a combination club and spear used by Flemish militias against armored knights. On Magna Verita, it is a monster of a weapon-a pole arm with a foot and a half long spike on top, a cudgel on one side of the shaft, and a wicked curved hook on the other side. It is used to pull armored foes off of horses with the hook, impale them with the point, then cudgel the foe to death. A similar weapon has appeared among human troops on Aysle as well. The German words Guten Tag, or ‘Good Day’ are used sarcastically on Magna Verita when killing an opponent.


On Core Earth, the Zweihander is a massive, six-foot-long two handed sword used by Landsknecht in the 1500’s. It is carried unsheathed, on the shoulder, and is a fearsome weapon in a skilled users hand, able to decapitate foes and crush armor. A similar weapon is in use on Magna Verita, and also in Aysle.

Dwarven War Axe

The signature Dwarven weapon on Aysle, the dwarven War Axe is a brutal double headed axe with a short haft. It can easily crack through the heaviest armor with its massive double blades. Most non-Dwarven users find the weapon has too short of a haft to use effectively, incurring a -2 penalty to use. It functions normally in Dwarven and Dwarven sized user’s hands. It requires a magical Axiom of 10 as well as its Tech Axiom, as the arcane metals and process used to forge it cannot exist at lower than that level.

Elven War Blade

The weapon of elves of Aysle, this is a double edged blade forged of mithril, a magical material, which is why the blade has a Tech axiom requirement and a Magic axiom requirement. It is an elegant weapon, unforgiving in the hands of brutes, but well suited to a graceful, dexterous fighting style.

Elven War Spear

Another distinctive Ayslish elven weapon, this is a four-foot haft of Silver Tree wood, sheathed in mithril, with a two-foot-long, half foot broad bladed head. It can be used both as a stabbing spear and a cutting weapon, and is very good at parrying. Its magical components give it a minimum required magic axiom. If used to parry and not attack, it gives +2 to the armor rating of the user.

Elven War Glaive

Considered the ultimate fantasy weapon produced on Aysle, this is a double bladed glaive-two sharp, three-foot double edged sword blades mounted on either end of the two-foot shaft. There is a slight curve to the shaft, and an ornate, covered center grip. Strung along its length is a bow string of mithril and dragon gut. It can thus be used either as a melee weapon, or a ranged weapon. In the hands of skilled elven war knights, it can be devastating. It can’t function outside of a fantasy setting, as all its materials need a Magic Axiom of at least ten or greater to exist, and arguably, the weapon needs the Axiom level to even function. Its excorbinant cost restricts it to the elven aristocracy. It requires a Strength of 10 and a Dexterity of 10 to use at all.

Gun Pike

For centuries Magna Verita was locked in a Renaissance level of technology and the Church monopolized gunpowder. As a result, weapons similar to those designed on Core Earth to use both melee and gunpowder flourished, and similar weapons are starting to appear on Aysle, mostly in the hands of adventurers and aristocrats. The gun pike is a normal pike, with a gun built in. In carries one shot, pre-loaded before battle, which is released by pulling a trigger in the hilt when it hits the target, firing the bullet down a barrel in the shaft, which hits the target. It is only effective at point blank range of 1. Any other range is treated as Long range, at double penalties.

Gun Blade

The long sword version of the Gun Pike, it has identical ranges and only carries one shot.

Deus Vult

A crazy idea from Magna Verita, which has no Core Earth equivalent, this is a two handed mace on a four-foot shaft that blends gunpowder and melee technology. The massive head is studded with spikes, which are loaded in before a battle. When it hits a target, the trigger is pulled, causes the powder charge in the head to explode, which drives the spikes out in a scatter pattern. Like the gun pike and gun sword, it has one round, and effects only the target it hits. It has a Point Blank range of one, and any other range is Long range, with triple penalties. This weapon has already intrigued the Dwarven gunsmiths of Aysle, who have begun making their own version.

Cattle Prod

Designed to be a non-lethal way of herding cattle in modern times, ironically this device has been banned in most modern countries as inhumane to cattle. Against humans, it enjoys widespread use among many illegal organizations, as it delivers a brutal charge each time it is used. Many South American drug cartels and the notorious Mexican elite armed police unit called the Zetas, use an illegally amped up version. This version uses the same stats, but once twice the targets Shock value is exceeded, it starts doing lethal damage.

Neo Ninja-To

The weapon of choice for both corporate ninjas and shinobis in Nippon tech. unlike its ancestor, the Neo Ninja-To is made of high grade composites and is a very deadly weapon. It has a built in capacitator which delivers a brutal shock in melee combat.

Kanaga Mono-Blade

Kanaga Arms’ venture into the high tech melee weapons field, this is a 3 foot, straight, single edged weapon formed of industrial strength crystal and edged with a honed, monomolecular strand of metal. Its edge is natural armor piercing, and it fits easily into a long coat sheath. It is a favorite of both street samurai and would-be street samurai, despite its tendency to be very unforgiving of mistakes when wielding it. As an added feature, the power pack can be upgraded to give the crystal blade a glow in any color desired, a trend that is very popular among gang-gen users in Mega Tokyo and Mega-Hong Kong.

Chain Sword

From Tharkold, this bizarre weapon is a two handed sword that has a chains saw for a blade. It is designed half to cut through armor, but more so to simply cause terror and intimidation from the brutal roar it makes, as well as the prospect of nasty wounds from it. It is almost as deadly to the wielder as to the target. On a roll of 1 or 2, it does its damage to its wielder. This weapon is very popular among Cyberpapal Crusaders, as well as street knights. It does one extra Wound level to any target it hits.

Power Sword

This Cyberpapal weapon is very common among Cyberpapal Crusaders, street knights, and Templars. It is a sword made of advanced alloys, with a power pack that channels a brutal plasma charge into it, doing both melee damage and energy damage at the same time. It is very expensive and cumbersome, and tends to fail outside of its core reality. It is naturally armor piercing.

Shotgun Gauntlets

It can be said only a Cosm as crazy as Core Earth could come up with an idea as mad as this. Heavy duty metal and leather gauntlets that cover the users hands up to the fore arm, contain a shotgun shell that is discharged when the gauntlets hit a target. It has an internal magazine and compensators to absorb the brutal impact damage and prevent the users arm from snapping. Comes in a single shot per gauntlet version, or at Tech Axiom 25 3 shells per gauntlet. It only has a Point Blank range of 1, and has no other range. Does a ‘K’ to the user on discharge.

Taser Gauntlets

Like the shotgun gauntlets, except with a built in Taser. Much saner than the shotgun gauntlets. Has heavy insulation to keep from electrocuting the user.

Melee Weapons

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