Additional Firearms

Pistols Revolvers Automatics

SMGs/Machine Pistols

Weapon Cost Damage Ammo Axiom Ranges(PB/S/M/L)

Bushmaster 2000 20 30 22 -/15/40/100

Vz61 Skorpion 2500 15 20 22 -/5/15/20

Kanaga ‘Ravager’ 10mm 80k ny 16 20 23 -/10/25/40

Mauser 9mm 300 16 20 19 -/5/15/30

H&K MP5K 1600 18 30 22 5/25/50/100


Weapon Cost Damage Ammo Axiom Ranges(PB/S/M/L)

Remington Break Open 600 16 1 or 2 19 2/15/25/40

Remington Custom Pistol 900 18 1 or 2 20 1/10/-/-

Ithaca Stakeout 600 18 8 21 5/15/25/40

Atchison Assault Sg 1,500 20 20 22 2/15/30/40

Benelli M1 Semi-Auto 800 19 12 22 5/15/40/60

Kanaga Street Sweeper 100kny22 8 24 1/8/15/16

Remington Lever 500 16 6 19 2/15/30/40

Daewoo USAS-12 90kny 20 12/28 23 5/20/35/50

Franchi PA3 1,200 17 7 23 5/10/20/30

Fichetti Semi-Auto 800 20 12(drum) 22 3/15/40/60

Spencer .50 Shotgun 500 18 2 19 5/15/30/60

Rifles/Long Guns

Weapon Cost Damage Ammo Axiom Ranges(PB/S/M/L)

Steyr Aug 3000 20 30 22 -/50/300/500

Spencer Repeating 1000 16 6 19 -/20/200/400

Springfield Rifled Musket 1,200 17 1 17 -/40/200/500

Winchester 1876 Lever 1,200 17 8 19 -/40/250/600

Spencer .50 Rifle 1,300 20 6 19 -/20/200/400

P-90 5,000 20 60 22 5/50/300/500

M-18 ACR 6,000 21 30 23 -/50/300/500

M-14 Semi Auto 500 18 30 22 -/40/250/600

.577 Nitro Express 1,000 21 1(2) 20 5/15/60/120

Winchester Custom Long 1,500 16 8 19 -/60/300/700

Winchester Custom Short 1,500 18 8 19 5/10/25/50

Remington 30.06 Rifle 800 19 6 19 -/50/300/500



Buntline Special

Manufactured by Colt Rival Ned Buntline, this black powder pistol has a barrel two inches longer than the Peacemaker, giving it greater accuracy and range. This gun was made popular by Wyatt Earp, though as much for the ease with which its long barrel can knock someone out as it was for the accuracy. In game terms, it provides a plus one bonus to aimed shots, and shots at medium or long range.

FA Casul ‘Cannon’

Federated Arms Casul ‘Cannon’ is one of the heaviest caliber revolvers of the Modern world. The rounds are .45 calibers, scaled down rifle rounds, and have huge penetrating and stopping power. The rounds are so large, only five are carried in the cylinder, and a strength of 12 is required to fire it one handed. In game terms, it always inflicts a ‘K’ result if it does any damage.

Colt Delta Elite 10mm

One of Colt’s newest automatic pistols, its 10mm rounds are more hard hitting than any 9mm gun. It is slowly becoming the favored sidearm of the new American military, competing with the Daewoo 9mm and the Beretta 9mm favored by American government for its new National Army units.

Ruger Super Redhawk

The heaviest revolver on the planet, Ruger Arms Super Redhawk is a gun fanciers dream. It uses a special .50 caliber heavy round with insane stopping power. It requires a strength of 12 to use one handed, and when it does damage, it does a ‘K’ and inflicts +1 damage. For some odd reason, it is both a favorite Core Earth vampire hunters in Neo-Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, as well as more modern vampire licks in both places.

Kanaga ‘Shadow’ 10mm

Kanaga Heavy Industries entry into the handgun market, the Shadow is a reliable, versatile weapon that functions well in lower axioms, and thus is not only a favorite among National Police and street samurai, it’s also a popular export.

Colt Open Top Revolver

Manufactured by Colt starting in the 1850’s, this weapon is common in New Columbia among gamblers and private guards. It is a light .22 calibers, can be discreetly concealed, and holds seven rounds in its chamber.

Remington 1858

Remington Arms’ rival to Colt’s revolvers, this weapon was popular as an officer’s sidearm during the Civil War, and remains popular in New Colombia. It comes in an Army and Navy version, and has good stopping power.

FN-F Tri Barrel Revolver

A New Colombia weapon produced by the French Empire’s Fabrique National Francais, in French Belgium, it uses weird science to enable it. It has a rotating triple barrel, each holding a chambered .22 rifle round. The pistol is able to fire off all three shots in a round, but takes a full round to reload. It has a very good range and accuracy, giving it +1 to hit at all ranges.

FN-F Single Shot

Another New Columbia weapon, it is an early version of a one shot target pistol. It is very popular among New Colombia duelists and sharp shooters.

SMGs/Machine Pistols


A South African modern sub-machine gun, this weapon is popular among African mercenaries as it takes the M-16’s ubiquitous 5.56mm round, and its grip and bullpup design clip is swivel mounted, allowing right and left handers to use it with ease.

Vz61 Skorpion

A product of the Czech Republic, this light machine gun is a favorite of Warsaw Pact countries police forces and border police, as well as among Warsaw Pact special forces. It is also a popular weapon among terrorists as well. It has a small round, but its light weight, small size, and foldable stock, which allows it to be carried in a pistol holster, outweighs its low stopping power. Its best point is it has an insane rate of fire. It can empty its whole clip in a minute, though doing so will melt the barrel. It still has a impressive rate of fire. If it is used as a One on Many or Auto-fire action, its loses no damage and actually adds a +1 to damage. However, its light weight means accuracy suffers, so in both situations it’s at a -1 to hit.

Kanaga ‘Ravager’ 10mm

Kanaga Heavy Industries entry into the SMG market is as popular as its ‘Shadow 10mm.’ It shares the same ammo, is adaptable for left or right hand, and its bull pup design makes it easily concealable.

Mauser 9mm

Made by Mauser Arms in Germany in the 1920’s and 30’s, this is the classic machine pistol of Core Earth. It has good stopping power, rate of fire, and number of rounds. Its broom handle stock add on also makes a stable firing platform.

H&K MP5k

Heckler and Koch’s most recognizable product, it is a favorite among Europe’s special forces and elite police units. It is fast replacing the Uzi as the most used SMG on the planet. Light weight, portable, accurate, and easy to use.


Remington Break Open

The classic shotgun of the Wild West, it is very common in New Colombia. It is a simple breakdown shotgun, available in either single or double barreled models.

Remington Custom Pistol

This weapon is a custom item, only crafted for a character or found as loot. It is not an off the shelf item. It comes from new Colombia and Core Earth’s Wild West. It is essentially a double barreled sawed off shotgun with a pistol grip. It has almost no range, but in that limited range, it is devastating.

Ithaca Stakeout

A Core Earth weapon, this is the classic police shotgun, most likely to be found in police cars across America. It has a fold out stock to stabilize it, and it is pump action.

Atchison Assault Shotgun

The original model from South Africa during the 1970’s, this is the first combat shotgun, designed for house to house fighting. It has a large capacity drum magazine, resembling the old Thomson SMG drum, and its automatic action releases one shot for each pull of the trigger. Uses either solid slug or scatter rounds.

Benelli M1 Semi-Auto

A popular Core Earth shotgun among European police agencies. It has a fold out stock for easy carrying.

Kanaga Street Sweeper

Kanaga’s entry into the shotgun market, this heavy pistol grip shotgun has a short barrel and folding stock, and can fit into a shoulder holster. It’s very popular among street samurai and police.

Remington Lever

This is a Core Earth weapon from the Wild West. It is a Remington shotgun that uses a lever action and internal magazine, so that it functions just like a Winchester lever action rifle. It never caught on due to the complexity of the mechanism, which leaves it vulnerable to breakdowns.

Daewoo USAS-12

Daewoo Arms combat shotgun is a beast. Fully automatic, drum magazine, and heavy structure makes it devastating. It is very popular among anti-cyborg police units across Asia, as well as among Chinese army assault troops specialized in urban warfare.

Franchi PA3

Europe’s premier assault shotgun, it is fully automatic with a large clip magazine, and features a short barreled, heavy frame construction.

Fichetti Semi-Auto

The most common used home defense shotgun and hunting shotgun in both America and Europe. It is a pump action, semi-automatic, with a folding stock.

Spencer .50 Shotgun

A Core Earth weapon from the Wild West, this was, at the time, the heaviest shotgun around, with a very distinctive noise when fired. Its use was actually restricted by the US Government for several years, being illegal to sell to Native Americans and Africa-Americans.

Rifles/Long Guns

Steyr Aug

A futuristic looking rifle, the product of Austria’s Steyr Arms, this weapon has a bull pup configured magazine, and a compact barrel design. It is fast becoming popular among European armies, especially since its light weight, accurate, and easy to maintain.

Spencer Repeating

An early lever action rifle from Spencer Arms during Core Earth’s 1850’s. It beat rival Winchester by some years, but suffered from several problems, mostly being rapid ammo use. Those units in the Union army that used it swore by it, especially since it had a carbine’s weight and barrel length, making it perfect for cavalry. The same stats can be used as well for the rival Henry repeating rifle, which had problems with hot shell cases jamming the ejection port. Buford’s cavalry used this rifle to stop Heth’s division at Gettysburg, while Custer’s 7th cavalry used the Henry at Little Big Horn.

Springfield Rifled Musket

The most commonly used musket of the American Civil War. It replaced the ‘Kentucky’ rifle of the Revolution and the British ‘Brown Bess.’ Very accurate and socketed for bayonets.

Winchester 1876 Lever

Winchester’s follow up to its first repeater, it was more accurate and reliable.

Spencer .50 Rifle

Spencer’s heaviest rifle made, it large caliber and lever action made it deadly, but also prone to jamming.

FN P-90

Another very popular Belgian weapon made by FN-H, which has moved production to Germany during the war. It is a very compact personal defense weapon, capable of high rate of fire. It is also very portable and easy to maintain. It is in use with elite forces and with tank crews in NATO.

M-18 ACR

America’s newest replacement for the aging M-16 rifles in the military. Made by Colt, it is an attempt to incorporate lessons learned in the Possibility War, as well as incorporate as much advanced tech as it can use from other realms. While it fits Core Earth’s axioms, it is still suffering from design issues, so despite its integrated bullpup design and light composite construction, it is still not being fully adapted. It still receives a lot of competition from the rival M-4 carbine.

M-14 Semi Auto

The civilian version of the M-16, it is mostly found in the hands of militia groups and gun enthusiasts.

.577 Nitro Express

Technically not a fire arm but instead an ammo designation, these stats are used for all elephant guns on the late 19th and early 20 th century, of which there were several manufacturers. These guns using this ammo are very large and unwieldy, and have a brutal shock,
requiring a strength of 12 to use, or the user suffers a ‘K’ result each time used.

Winchester Custom Long Rifle

Not an off the shelf item, this is a custom made weapon for the individual. It is a Winchester lever action rifle with an extra two inches on the barrel, giving it far better accuracy and range than the ordinary Winchester. This was the rifle in ‘Quigley Down Under.”

Winchester Custom Short

Like the long rifle, this is a custom made only variant. The barrel is shorted along with the stock, allowing it to be carried in a hip holster. It produces a lot of fire in a short range. This is the weapon featured in ‘Wanted: Dead or Alive.’

Remington 30.06 Rifle

The classic Remington bolt action rifle of the late 19th and early 20th century, popular among hunters and rifle enthusiasts.

Additional Firearms

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