The Storm has a name. Its name is Torg

H.P. Lovecraft once said his greatest fear was what if reality as we knew it was merely a local condition. That fear has come true for Core Earth. One bright spring day in 1984, the heavens opened up and invaders from other realities spilled into ours, and everything changed as these invaders brought with them the alien aspects of their realities to ours. Now, in the year 1990, the war is still ongoing, with nations wrecked, the invaders taking hold of more and more of Core Earth’s reality, and the masterminds, the High Lords of the invading realities, adding more and more territory in their mad quest to become Torg, the living god and master of reality. This is the war torn world facing the Storm Knights, individuals from Core Earth and beyond who share the strange ability to not only resist the invading paradigms, but to enforce their own onto the invaders. Outnumbered, out gunned, and unorganized, will they overcome their weaknesses to rout the invaders and save Core Earth?

I am the Herald of the Storm. Its fury shall cleanse the Earth.

Torg: Storm Watch

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