Current State of the War

Torg Summary

The current Torg campaign is a variation of the baseline Torg game. It does not use the Space Gods supplement except for the Psionics rules, and substitutes a race called the Firstborn for all references and materials pertaining to the Space God colonization of earth in the past. The basics remain the same: Earth has been invaded by several other dimensions: The Living Land, Aylse, the Nile Empire, the CyberPapacy, Nippon Tech, and Orrosh. Now in its sixth year, the Possibility Wars have entered a new phase. Without the Gaunt Man’s guidance, since that High Lord remains trapped in a maelstrom, the invaders have bogged down into static warfare, holding what territory they have. The exception is the brilliant, erratic Pharaoh Mobius, who manages to constantly astound the opposition with his daring and inventiveness. It is now generally accepted by the population of ords that the invaders are from other dimensions.

North America is affected the most out of any region. The United States lost 80% of its conventional military force in the first year of the war, as well as most of its industrial and technological base. Canada is in the same state. The US is now under de facto martial law, with President Quartermaine effectively delaying national elections due to the state of emergency, though a movement is building to challenge that and his National Unity Party in Congress and the courts, if Congress can form a quorum. A third of America is occupied by the Living Land, centered around three regions: the West Coast, East Coast, and Midwest. The West and South are effectively running the country at the moment. To add to America’s woes, Mexico and Cuba have declared war on the US, occupying several southwestern states, and many now believe one of the invaders is behind this move, to keep the country off balance. An insurgency by militia groups in the Northwest is also frustrating the war effort, as is the declarations by Utah and Hawaii that they are Free States, still in the Union but conducting their own policies. The US military is currently in the middle of a draft to raise new units, armed with weapons from China, the new industrial power.

Into the gap caused by America’s decline has stepped a united Germany, which is now the dominant power of Europe and NATO, leading the fight against the French CyberPapacy. The Soviet Union has also increased its economy, industrial base, and military power by aiding in Europe against the CyberPapacy, and the Middle East against the Nile Empire. China is also a new power, though its somewhat erratic foreign policy has led to a war between China and North Korea versus India, Taiwan, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

England is still 80% occupied by the fantasy realm of Aysle, with only Southern England, freed by the actions of Storm knights, still Core Earth. Aysle also holds Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Ireland, and parts of Finland. Of all realms it is the most bogged down, due to the disappearance and apparent destruction of Angar Uthorion, its High Lord, and the lack of an obvious successor to the position. As a result, its Dark Council continues to hold what it has, raid when possible, and try to find a candidate for the Dark Crown Drakonikus. Thanks to the fact that the initial invasion destroyed much of the countries it occupied, Core Earth’s forces have been slow to rebuild and exploit Aysle’s weaknesses, except in Finland. There the Finns and Soviet Union have pushed back most of Aysle’s forces.

In Europe, the second most affected region, the CyberPapacy controls all of France, except Paris and Corsica, where the French resistance is based. It has also expanded into north Spain and Italy, where it is opposed by NATO and the Soviet Union. Belgium and the Netherlands are wrecked and occupied, leaving the CyberPapacy as the dominant power of western Europe. It remains powerful, but static, given to sudden, massive offensives on its borders, because its leader, Jean Malraux, the CyberPope, is obsessively focused on eliminating his ideological enemies, real and perceived, rather than on expansion for military reasons. Its religious ideology also requires it to obsessively pursue goals related to Malraux’s Cyber-Catholic doctrine, namely that the Core Earth Pope is the Anti-Pope, and that all other religions must be eliminated, despite the irrationality of such goals.

In Africa, the Nile Empire is on the offensives on all fronts. The erratic, insane, but brilliantly creative Pharaoh Mobius is able to juggle fronts in West and Central Africa, as well as the Balkans and Middle East, and can afford to initiate ten plans in the hope that one actually succeeds. He also has a tremendous appeal in the Third World as a champion against the West, and his speeches and spectacles always minimize his setbacks and maximize his victories. If anything, despite constant warfare and opposition by NATO, the Soviet Union, Israel, and even other High Lords, Mobius remains the greatest threat in the Reality Wars.

In the East, Japan has risen again as a major power, with its economic and military might surging. Other than an increase in its industrial and economic power, as well as holding the lead in cutting edge technology, it would appear that Japan has managed to escape the effects of the reality wars, other than a rise in violent crime. However, many now suspect that despite all outwards appearances, Japan has been invaded by another reality. Many suspect that the powerful Kanawa corporation and its mysterious head, Ryuchi Kanawa are behind things, but no proof has ever been uncovered to support this. Japan thus remains a powerful player, secure behind its technology and economic might, while ridden with crime and an ever increasing divide between rich and poor.

Finally, in Indonesia and Southwest Asia, a twin catastrophe has been unleashed: an invasion of the dead and the Victorian incursion. All the horrors thought long banished from Core Earth by science have returned with a vengeance. The walking dead eat their way through half deserted cities, while fields of corpses spawn even greater terrors, the gospogs, shambling creatures immune to most reality bending powers. Complicating things is the arrival of troops representing a nation from another reality, calling themselves Victorians. Using a gateway between realities invented by a rogue scientist, they have followed the horrors from their reality to Core Earth, setting up colonies in the affected lands, where they practice their racist imperialist ways on a resentful, restive native population. Despite protests from Core Earth nations, the Victorians maintain that their experience with the undead in their home cosm of Gaia and their natural superiority entitle them to act this way. This remains the most desperate area of Core Earth, invaded by a reality few understand or want to combat. Terrors beyond imagining ravage Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, while the smug, racist Victorians preach their gospel of being there to help, while giving no indication of leaving when things are over.

Current State of the War

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